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Project management is a very big term in the business world and it has evolved from few basic principles into a domain of knowledge. As internet is a great source of knowledge, many bloggers are genuinely interested in helping project managers with their tools, processes, techniques and methodologies via their blog.

These project management blogs are worth reading and are of great help to the corporates as they genuinely act as an asset for the project managers to deal with several critical issues such as risk management and to find the right job for the business.

Sorted List of Top 15 Project Management Blogs

Let’s read the below list of the best project management blogs that can give you guaranteed business results:

Project Times

It is a web-based magazine related to the project management where you can find detailed knowledge about the latest management trends or any insight from the project management gurus. Their job board helps the project mangers find the right job and make this blog stand unique from others.

The Project Management Hut

This is the collection of articles that offers in-depth knowledge of several topics such as conventional informative articles with sufficient highlights. Different aspects of project management including scheduling, risk management, conflict management, procurement management and stakeholder communication.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

This blog is a big step to give female project managers highly engaging content and putting gender bias at the corner. It gives an opportunity to look at the things from the perspective of a female project manager. Moreover, these managers can be made capable to learn few basic things about the project teams by conducting idea-based meetings and thus follow a work balance in any project. This informative blog has few free e-books, project management tool reviews and many more related things.

Project Management Tips

This formal blog is a nice piece of info that contains an effective and informative list of the complicated concepts related to the different aspects of project management that makes it easy for the readers to grasp every minor concept. The beauty of this blog is the exclusive combination of the variety of content from other blogs and project management experts to make readers that engrossed for long.

This famous project management blog contains reviews on a myriad of project management books and software, trending news and plenty of how-to articles with immense information. This unique set of features makes it a perfect choice to add this blog on your bookmarks bar.

 Brad Egeland’s Blog

There is a big scope of many good things to learn from this blog that features over 4,000 business articles to shower exclusive information about the current project management blogs to get the enough subject knowledge. This blog contains short video snippets to shower enough project management tips. The plethora of topics ranging from project management methodologies to task delegation makes this blog an interesting read.

TaskQue blog

If you are fond of interactive content like infographics, this blog is the perfect destination to know the basic concepts of project management by using tutorials, guides, articles and interviews available over the blog. The topics that are covered in this blog range from project management, entrepreneurship and even organizational cultures.

Ron Rosenhead Blog

This blog has been delivering extensive knowledge of project management training and consulting along with risk management since last 15 years. It is a great wealth for project managers where you will get the answers for all the common questions that can create problems in long run. You will get unique ideas for scope management and source of inspiration to get answers for the basic issues that come around in daily routine.

Guerrilla Project Management

It is a great place to get a unique perspective on the project management and related domains like psychology, social sciences, organizational changes. This blog has almost two decades of experience in the project management and it helps project managers improve their performance, develop skills and manage risks effectively.


LiquidPlanner gives the weekly post in an interesting style. Time management specialization and predictive scheduling are the added advantage that readers will get from this blog. These posts are created by a strong team of contributors that have opened boundaries for all the insights and discussions in the community.

Building Design & Construction blog

It is a great source for news, trends and other innovations for the project management of construction-related aspects. This tech-savvy blog renders the latest information about architecture, design and better processes for their workplace.


LinkedIn features an excellent blog list for the project managers keeping in mind the aspects related to the project management. It is a common fact that project management is deeply involved in the construction and thus LinkedIn results in the plenty of information to improve your networking and professional skills and thus to allow a broad community range.

Oracle Support Community

This community can help at its fullest for any Oracle-based application and thus acts as the perfect choice to be a top bookmark. It is the expensive blog of project management and serves a wide range of purposes ranging from risk management tools as being an absolute resource for advice and answers.

Toolbox For IT

This blog is a great place for all the ideas and concerns related to IT and serves a major role to make project managers aware of keeping systems running fast and on correct mode. It also allow the visitors to ask simple as well as complex questions to the community, where most of the genuine answers come within minutes. This is an excellent feature for the persons with the busy schedule.

Innovative Management Solutions

IMS is a good resource for the project managers to get a detailed info and expand your career in the project management. This blog focuses on improving the relationship of project team member-manager relationships and corresponding functions. You can get brilliant help from IMS when it comes to advancing our career.

Wrapping Up

 Let’s look out the above list of the top feature-rich project management blogs that are worth enough to give exclusive knowledge and help to the project managers to take quick decision and expand business growth.

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