Top 10 Perks Of Pursuing PMP Training


Joanna Marie, Negosentro | The PMP certification has become the primary standard for the project management professionals that is accepted worldwide. This has made it necessary for the aspirants to undergo PMP Training if they want to leave a mark in the industry. Today, a little investment on your end regarding money and time will give you unlimited benefits in time to come. Here are the top 10 perks of pursuing PMP Training.

  1. Self-paced learning at Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s PMP Certification course is a Self-Paced Learning programme where you get access to quality education and PMP Training for 180 days where the content that you get is designed by industry experts. The best part of the programme is that is also available through the weekend batches that imply that you need to dedicate the entire day leaving all other things at stake to complete this. The course lays its major focus on the current trends in addition to the emerging practices as well as tailoring considerations. It also provides you the thorough know how about the strategic and the business knowledge preparing you to be a good project manager.


  • Global recognition


PMP certified person gets the authority to explore the job opportunities in this field across the globe as this is one certification that is acknowledged worldwide. The PMP certification gives you a natural vent to express and demonstrate your command over the area with the help of certificates that in itself are the excellent support to validate the skills you have.


  • Salary perks


You might be good at PMP, but that does not give you access to demand a hike at the office for which you have been using the same without any certification. Once you get the certification, you get the platform to seek higher salary owing to the enhancement that your skills have undergone, and then no one can deny you the hike for sure. Apart from this, you get the opportunity to earn a better salary. There is a vast difference in the salary package that a PMP certified and a non-certified person is offered in the market, and obviously the former gets the better one.


  • Enhanced market reach


If you hold a PMP certification, then you become a part of the community that binds all the professionals related to this field together. Plenty of  Project Management forums as well as the online communities lure the PMP professionals from all around the globe and ask then to share certain tips, give  insights, and thereby pool their experience. This allows you to stay up to date with the latest happening in this sphere.

  1. Better Job Opportunities

PMP Certification is not restricted to just one field or sphere. It has got in it the ability to open up the gates of better career opportunities for you by giving you an easy access to diverse sectors of the economy. MP credentialed project managers are expected to deliver the high-performing projects which lure the organizations to hire them.


  • Excitement and challenges


The PMP Certification gives you an opportunity to make you sitting job also adventurous.  There are a lot of challenging projects that you will be given to handle only if you are a PMP certified professional. This project will require you to demonstrate your dedication to the project management and prove your knowledge and experience. If you are a non-certified professional, you are bound to get the much simple projects that at one time is going to put a halt to your growth in addition to causing boredom.


  • Demonstrates efficiency


Keeping in mind the general perception, even if you have great skills as a project managers, yet if you are not PMP certified then no one is going to bestow faith in you. This will result in you losing a lot of opportunities that could have otherwise framed a good career line for you. The reason is that all the companies want efficient results from their managers and are not ready to undertake experiments, in  such a case the only safe option thy are left with is hiring the certified professionals as they can demonstrate their skills on papers as well.


  • Recruiters preferences


Almost all the companies hire people who have the desired qualification and there are hardly few who bestow faith in word of mouth. Similarly, when it comes to this field, all and sundry hire PMP certified project managers instead of their non-credentialed counterparts as this certificate showcases the expertise of a professional in project management and easily gets noticed by the recruiter while profile evaluation.


  • Applicable to Most Industries


PMP certification is the stepping stone and a n ideal approach for all the project managers in general related to diverse professions. These include departments of IT, telecom, business processing, commerce, finance, research, and a lot more.


  • Investment for Your Future


Neither is the fee of the course too much to spare nor is the exam fee a lot. A little investment on your end today can reap a lot of results for you in the times to come. Be it is boom or the recession that the economy is experiencing, all the uncertainties are going to have no adverse impact on you. If you are a PMP certified, then you are immune against all of the layoffs as well as downsizing.

All in all, these are the top 10 perks of pursuing PMP Training. If you have still not considered pursuing the same as important, then it is the appropriate time to do so. You need to begin working for taking PMP exam today and the best way to do so is approaching Simplilearn. A  variety of project management courses that you can pursue, this is surely going to be the best and the safe option that is going to reap good results in the time to come not only in terms of career but also in terms of enhancing your personality.