Top 10 Best Vacation Rental Websites


Joanna Marie, NegosentroTop 10 Best Vacation Rental Websites | Travelers are attracted by the high-sounding slogans of hotels about their rooms. Owners cleverly turn deluxe into a suite by the simple addition of a couch and demand attractive prices. As soon as the vacation season starts, the internet beams with countless websites of multiple hotels offering lavish living with different recreational facilities for fun-seeking travelers. They also provide you with the opportunity of enjoying nature in solitude. Not only this, but the hotel rooms are also well furnished and are fully equipped with the devices of latest technology. You must take the following sites into consideration if you are willing to go on a vacation.

These were some of the most popular vacation rental websites. If you also want to get into the vacation rental business, you can launch a vacation rental website by Lodgify.

Dream Exotic Rentals

Dream Exotic Rentals, a well-established name in the field of traveling and hospitality since 1999 has come up with a unique facility of digitized, recreational stay where you feel somewhat special. It has earned a good name because of its traveling insurance and excellent hotel stays.


No worries if you don’t have any money to spend on vacation, Couchsurfing is there to help you out. You just need to plan when and where to more than ninety thousand cities, 4 million members are enjoying Couchsurfing free of cost. You and your host just need to create a genuine profile at

Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats is there with unparalleled amenities in three thousand renowned destinations.  Airbnb recently purchased the world’s best acclaimed rental site, Luxury Retreats for two hundred million dollars. It is heaven on Earth, still in the oasis.

One Fine Stay

Newly emerged in 2009 on the horizon of the hotel industry, One Fine Stay, was purchased by Accor Hotels in April 2016.

Flip Key

Rio de Janeiro, Italy, and Florida are the most popular resorts of Flip Key along with Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and the United States. Almost seven thousand cities around the world have 150,000 Flip Key’s branches.


Tourists from the United States and Canada have ninety percent contributions in monthly eighteen million VRBO’s visits.


Now Priceline is ruling over They welcome every tourist who confirms his visit through, due to this there are about two million daily reservations. Your high-fi stay guarantees your five-star rating. This excellent rating attracts more and more tourists.


Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Brazil, France, and the United States are the privileged countries to have the best-known vacation rentals with forty-four million tourists every year. These countries have almost fifty of these sites. In these sites, tourists from all over the world enjoy world-class facilities with unmatched luxuries.

The Again Group Ltd

Since 2011, The Again Group Ltd has been earning a good name regarding vacation rental websites, such as in Turkey, France, Portugal, and Spain.

The managerial staff of this company is all time ready to sort out your queries. You can take their help either through emails or live conversations. You can register yourself through a very simple booking process and deal with their offered fast rates. After your happy visit leaves excellent feedback and reviews along with your pictures depicting fun-filled moments. This will allure the upcoming tourists.

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