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Joanna Marie, Negosentro | Whether you are a start-up or an established company looking to expand, exploring international routes has never been easier. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, businesses have been able to cross borders with fewer barriers. Building relationships with partners overseas is an ideal way to grow your brand to new and exciting markets. If your service or product was built for global accessibility, then finding ways to take it to these markets needs intelligent and strategic planning. Getting connected with the right organizations and logistic options are just some of the ways to help bring your brand to foreign soils. Technology is another way to bring brands and consumers together and utilizing this funnel can reap the rewards for future business successes.

If you’re considering selling products and services overseas, take advantage of the wealth of tools available to grow your brand globally.

Speak the same language

Although English may be the most widely spoken language in business, that doesn’t mean your consumers or suppliers speak it. Language barriers are one of the most significant hurdles for an organization starting out in foreign markets, and it’s important to get communication right for fluid business transactions. Regarding selling your product or service, ensuring you have precise and accurate translations of each element from website content and marketing paraphernalia to packaging labels and business processes make the transition into new markets smoother. Hiring translation professionals such as Architekst Translation Services will give you a head start when planning your strategy for worldwide distribution.

Analyzing your target market

Similar to bringing your services to the local and national market, international markets also need extensive research and analyses before committing to development in these areas. There is a range of tools that can help you compile market research and information based on foreign markets. Databases such as Open Strategy and Quartz Atlas are ideal starting points and can give you insights into different industries in chosen countries. You’ll have access to market data and culture and consumer habits. Depending on how much budget you can put towards this type of research, you could also hire a dedicated team to crunch the numbers for your specific niche.

Apps for easy transactions

With the range of mobile apps available, doing business overseas can happen at the click of a button. When you are considering how to make transactions easy for a new market, apps offer the perfect answer. If you’re looking for global payment providers, then look no further than PayPal for fast and efficient transaction handling. There is a fee for this, but in the short term, it provides a recognized payment option. There are also apps that enable you to arrange shipping and logistics easily. Plus, you can also check information such as duty costs, logistics restrictions, and international shipping costs.

Taking your business to the next level has never been easier, and with a wealth of resources on hand, you’ll be making your first overseas transactions with ease.

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