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Tools and Reasons to Create and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts For All Marketers

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Negosentro.com | Instagram is popular than ever with a swooping rise in its users every day. As of June 2018, it has been reported that Instagram has 1 billion users. Now there might be other social networking platforms out there, but the future of business looks more promising for using Instagram as a marketing tool than any other social media platform.

Instagram Is the Most Effective Social Media Platform for Marketers

Let’s dig into the facts, the Edison research has shown a decline of 5% in the usage of Facebook with most of the audience shifting to Instagram especially women. Brands are constantly leaning towards Instagram for marketing purposes because the marketing game on Facebook has become more difficult than ever with the constantly changing algorithms.

On the other hand, there is Instagram where it’s easy to build relationships with the followers and brands have more attractive and more pleasurable content for its followers. No wonder brands are now more dedicated to their Instagram accounts.

There are approximately 25 million business profiles on this social media platform. That’s a pretty tough market to break in and every brand needs to stand out. The question is how hard could it be to maintain an Instagram account?

The truth is it’s not all about creating content and posting it whenever.That’s why there are lots of Instagram automation tools and services coming to the market, managing an Instagram account without the proper tools will not get a marketer the desired results. Many brands have multiple Instagram accounts and it’s even more difficult to manage those. To create and manage multiple Instagram accounts people make use of proxies and other tools to automate the entire process. Using third-party software’s helps in opening and managing multiple accounts, all the while reaching a wider audience.

Before looking at the tools needed to help run a top-notch Instagram strategy. It’s important to look at why multiple Instagram accounts are needed in the first place.

Why Multiple Instagram Accounts Are Needed?

Marketers often prefer to use multiple Instagram accounts. It’s an easy way to cross-promote and get exposure, then there are marketers who create thousands of Instagram accounts to like their own posts and go viral. While these are some of the minor reasons brands create multiple Instagram accounts. There are various other solid reasons as well. Many well-recognized brands create multiple Instagram accounts based on their need and it’s crucial for marketers to figure out if they want to take advantage of this marketing strategy or not.

Before a marketer decides to create multiple Instagram accounts for its brand, some important factors should be taken into consideration.

Factor 1: Does Your Brand Needs To Distinguish Its Locations?

If your brand operates in different locations, whether nationally or internationally then it’s a good idea to consider multiple Instagram accounts. This way the brand can manage its digital presence according to its target audience.

Factor 2: Does Your Brand Provide Different Products or Services?

It’s a great move to have multiple Instagram accounts to play your strengths if you’re providing different services or products to your customers. For instance, a brand maybe providing insurance services and on the other hand, providing real estate services as well. Creating individual Instagram accounts would be beneficial as a unique audience will be catered by each account.

Factor 3: Language Barriers

The audience is looking for content they can relate and understand. A language barrier is a huge problem for effective communication, even on social media platforms. Despite the usage of videos and photographs on the platform; Hashtags, captions, and comments provide context. The consumers often find it as distracting and frustrating to read several languages on one account. Therefore, it’s important to draw a clear line on social media.

The Best Tools and Tips to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

While there may be more reasons to create multiple Instagram accounts. In the end, it all depends on the brand’s goals whatever they might be. All marketers need third-party software to automate the processes because it’s impossible to manage more than 2 accounts manually.

You Are Going To Need Proxies

Instagram has a strict rule about creating several accounts. If you’re still willing to take your chance then don’t say we didn’t warn you. The chances are all the accounts you’ll create will end up getting blocked without a proxy. An IP address can only have 5 Instagram accounts. You can even switch between these accounts within your Instagram app on your phone because Instagram has this feature now.

Instagram looks beyond the email addresses used to sign up. It looks at the IP address used and if an IP address is used to create hundreds of accounts, it’ll eventually raise a red flag and the accounts will be shut down. To avoid all the hassle, the easiest way to create multiple Instagram accounts by masking your location and identity with the help of a proxy, you can compare different proxies providers on privateproxyreviews.com to get the 100% working Instagram proxies. Most of the Instagram automation softwares are designed to function with proxies and have their inbuilt proxy system.

IG automation Tool

There are lots of Instagram automation bot online, such as JARVEE, Instazood and so on. Instazood is an amazing Instagram automation software. From customization options to assortment filters, it almost has it all. There is the option to automate processes according to the marketer’s preferences. It even helps to getting more Instagram followers and likes and adds legitimacy to the multiple accounts. As far as the proxy is concerned, the marketer only has to fill in the proxy information and the software assigns proxies to all the accounts itself. It’s a pretty fast and easy process.

PVA Creator

It’s one of the best Instagram managing software because it lets you create multiple Instagram accounts in bulk. It can create email verified accounts automatically and allows the marketer to import proxies to register accounts as well. It’s a very well-rounded process altogether. Apart from creating Instagram accounts in bulk, the software even allows managing your accounts too. It’s a win-win situation.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts might seem like a daunting task, but with these tools, you can begin your journey as a marketer. It takes time, dedication and strategy to become a successful marketer, with the right tools the journey becomes much easier and you can eventually start making an impact on the social media platform.

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