Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn During Summer

take care of your lawn

by Mandy Steven, | Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn During Summer | Having a beautiful lawn requires proper care and maintenance. During the fall and the start of summer, you need to show extra attention in cleaning the dry leaves and other messy stuff from the lawn. This helps in creating a neat impact. Also, with the scorching summer heat, your lawn will look colorless. Unless proper care is taken, your lawn will soon become lifeless.

Here are some essential lawn care tips for the summer season. Applying them will make your lawn look lively. 

Frequent Watering Is Of Utmost Importance

You must water the lawn frequently. This is an absolute necessity since it would help in keeping the plants and grass healthier and lively. At the same time, you also need to apply the correct procedures for watering these green bodies. Water the garden every week. Also, the watering part must be carried out early in the morning. This allows the soil to best absorb the water before getting evaporated due to excess heat.

Removing The Weeds

Weeds are a clear distraction and can make your lawn look ugly. Weeds grow too fast. Therefore, you must take the necessary initiative to get them removed at the earliest. A weed-free garden creates a wonderful outlook.

Mowing The Lawn

Mowing the lawn once in a while is also important. However, while mowing, you must make sure that the grass bodies are not cut too short. Medium-length grass bodies will keep the garden soil covered entirely and keep it fertile. Also, the tall blades of grass help in soaking the sun rays while utilizing it to develop nutrients for roots and soil. Visit or some other reliable sites on lawn maintenance, and they would also suggest similar tips.

Use Of Fertilization

You can simply consult any nursery and they would advise for the best fertilizers to be used for lawns during the summer. The use of organic fertilizers will definitely help in the growth of plants by increasing the number of nutrients present in the soil.

Pest Controlling

When it comes to garden maintenance, controlling the pests is important. During the summer, several pests and bugs start laying their eggs on grasses and strive simply on the leaves of plants. These pests and bugs must be removed at the earliest; otherwise, they would soon be responsible for ruining your beautiful green space. This is one of the most crucial lawn care tips to be followed during the month of summer.

The best way to enhance the lifespan of your lawn is to keep the place neat and clean. Never keep unwanted items on the lawn forever. When not in use, pick up the chairs, toys, barbecue stands, and mats from the lawn while not in use. This will help in saving the turf crowns from getting damaged. Also, it is never a good idea to drive or park on the lawn. It results in soil compaction.

Author Bio: Mandy Steven is a gardener and a lawn beautification expert. You can visit to read her blogs on garden maintenance.