Tips to know hire an attorney in your slip and fall accident?

Tips to know hire an attorney in your slip and fall accident? Hazard Pay Legal Representation After an Accident Construction-Accident

Tips to know hire an attorney in your slip and fall accident? | Slip and fall law in Massachusetts | Many victims of these accidents make the claim themselves: they gather their documents and present them in writing, with a couple of witnesses, to the responsible party. However, in this way a fair compensation is rarely obtained since the responsible party is turning the complaint to their insurer, which has their financial interests as a priority.

What the adjusters of the insurance company do is offer an amount well below what is necessary to pay the damages.

Of course, this is not fair to the victims as they sometimes have to miss work days or become disabled for a long time due to the accident.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the advice of a slip and fall accident lawyer, with great experience, to represent you before the insurer or before the law if it is necessary to file a claim. A specialist in these accidents knows very well how much is fair as compensation, how long it should be received and how the negotiation should be done.

In addition, if you consider that a lawsuit is necessary, the lawyer plays a determining role there, as he will make sure to gather the evidence, contact the witnesses and guarantee the best possible result.

Keep in mind that even discounting the attorney’s fee, you will ultimately be left with a much higher compensation than you could get on your own.

General injuries in a slip and fall accident?

Some slip and fall accident victims receive only a small scrape or bruise on the leg, but the results can be much more serious and lead to long-term disability. You can receive compensation for injuries such as the following:

  •           Brain damage
  •           Broken nose
  •           Twist
  •           Blows to the head
  •           Shoulder dislocation
  •           Coccyx fracture
  •           Blows to the hip
  •           Dislocation of a hand
  •           Open wounds if you fell on a sharp object

The more serious your injuries, the more difficult it is to get a good deal directly with the insurer. The intervention of an attorney can make the difference between incomplete and complete compensation. Talk to an attorney to assess your situation.

Take the first steps after a slip and fall accident

The first minutes after your fall are the most important, both for your health and for your interests. Make sure to do all of these steps:

  1. Get medical attention. Has it checked by a doctor for non-visible injuries, even if you think you were not injured?
  2. Gather evidence. As soon as you can, take notes on everything you remember about the accident: where you were going, how it happened, the conditions at the scene, which was around you. Also, write down data of witnesses and the owner or person in charge of the place at that time so that they can be contacted later. If you can, take helpful photos to prove negligence.
  3. Report the accident. It is very important that you also notify the owner of the place about your fall; It is best to do so in writing to avoid the guilty party claiming ignorance of the situation in the future and thus the value of your claim is affected. This also prevents other people from having the same accident as you.
  4. Follow medical treatment. Pay attention to everything the doctor sends you, go to all your appointments and consult other specialists if he recommends it. This is important because if you don’t get consistent medical treatment, the other party can claim that you caused your injuries to get worse.
  5. Talk to a lawyer. Even if you don’t intend to sue, an attorney can help you file a claim and get a better deal for you. If the claim will be with the government, if you fell on the public highway, it is imperative to have the advice of a slip and fall accident attorney.

Hire a personal injury attorney 

If your injuries occurred anywhere in Massachusetts, hiring a Massachusetts slip and fall attorney has its advantages. When going against the big insurance companies to seek fair compensation for your slip and fall injuries, you need an attorney who can navigate the local court system, is well connected with court personnel and has obtained favorable results for previous slip and fall injuries.

A pre-selected slip and fall law in Massachusetts will be your best option when seeking legal representation for any slip and fall accident.

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