Tips to Design and Sell Your Custom T-Shirts

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Tips to Design and Sell Your Custom T-Shirts | Selling funky t-shirts online is a raging business these days. Many people design witty t-shirts that are incredibly popular amongst youth and college-going crowds. However, the question is how to step into this business to sell clothes successfully and really make a difference.

In this article, we will help you get started on some important tips to get started on designing and selling process.

Get Started

First things first, you need to choose what kind of tees you want to sell. Do you have a style in mind? Do you want to cater to a specific crowd? Do you know who will be designing your tees? Do you have a design team of your own or do you plan to hire a designer? Will you sell online or in a store? These are some important things you need to get out of the way before you get started.

Before everything else, you need to give your custom printed t-shirts a distinctive design that stands out from the crowd. Define the personality of your clothing so that you can attract the right kind of crowd. Check social media channels for inspiration. This will really help you narrow the look you want to go for.

Set Your Budget

Once you have the basics figured, now is the time to consider money in terms of expenses and profits. You need to determine the amount of stock you want to print at once. If you are confident about attracting enough people, then you can get a bulk order printed to save tons of money. You should also simultaneously set up online space or social media channels that can promote your t-shirts effectively amongst the desired target audience. This is the most cost-effective way to market your Custom Printed T Shirts In India and beyond!


There are many ways to personalize your t-shirt designs. However, before getting into that, you need to determine the printing technique. Startups usually have a lot on their plate, so they can consider hiring a printing service to design and print their custom t-shirts. This way you will be able to focus mainly on marketing and selling your merchandise. You can work closely with your service provider to fine-tune the design, choose the fabric, color combinations, etc. These experts will help you define all the design elements and come up with a perfect prototype before printing the final sets.


This is the most important stage of selling your printed t-shirts. Your marketing initiatives should be in line with the kind of t-shirts you are selling. If you already have an established customer base, make sure your merchandise is relatable to them. Don’t hesitate to use social media and its power to your advantage. You can start with one or two media channels and then gradually expand to others.

The best way to appeal to your target audience is by creating a buzz around your t-shirts. So roll out some fun contests and make your customers want your product!

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