Tips for Traveling in the Philippines

Tips for Traveling in the Philippines | Tips for Traveling in the Philippines | The Philippines is home to 7000 islands yet underrated when compared to other Southeast Asian destinations. The Philippines contains Crystal-Clear waters, large rice fields, mountains, and much more. The Philippines is an easy-to-travel country, but if you want to maximize the enjoyment of your trip, here are some tips for you.

1)    Transportation

Many people visit the Philippines. Therefore, transport can be an issue there. You might have to wait for hours to get on a bus or ferry to go from one place to another. If you don’t have time, you should book your tickets in advance from as you can book tickets for vans, buses, and ferries. 

2)    Downsize Your Currency and Carry Small Bills

You will get only big banknotes from ATM or currency exchanges. You will need to get big currency notes changed as soon as possible because most of the time, people will not accept them or ask you for smaller currency notes. Do not use smaller notes for big purchases because you will have to pay more if you need smaller currency notes and you do not have them.

3)    Check Weather Conditions

There are four different climate zones across the Philippine islands. Plan your trip after checking the weather forecast. You do not want to face a tropical monsoon while walking on the beach.

4)    Get Medicines and Vaccines

Make sure to grab the medicine and get vaccines before you go. In some rural areas, drug stores are hard to find.

5)    Always Keep Bottled Water in Your Backpack

Unless you are staying in a good hotel, make sure that you drink only bottled water. Brush your teeth with bottled water, as tap water can be questionable. Get an electrolyzed drink if you feel dehydrated.

6)    Be Safe

Violent crimes are almost non-existent except for in a few areas of Cebu and Manila. Small felonies like pick-pockets or tourist scams are an issue. So, the best tip is to try to travel in groups and always stay alert to your surroundings.

7)    Try Local Food

Philippine has some of the most exciting cuisines. You should try as much local food as you can because it contains a fabulous fusion of different cuisines.

8)    Wi-Fi Connection is Slow

Internet connections are usually slow in the Philippines. Try bringing your device if you want a stable internet connection.

9)    Power Outages are Common

In most remote areas, the power outage is usual so charge your electrical devices whenever you get a chance.

10) Do not Mind if They Violate Your Personal Space.

Philippine people will often touch you or sit near you, but it does not mean they are rude. Their families have many people living in a small space. They are just not familiar with the concept of personal space. You can ask them politely to move if you do not like it.

11) Always Keep Bug Spray and Sunscreen

There are many mosquitoes there longing for you so, to be safe, keep a bug spray to avoid their creepy little stings. Alongside that, the sun is hot there so, to keep your skin protected, use sunscreen.

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