Tight Bathroom Space? Try These 6 Amazing Tricks

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NEGOSENTRO.COM | Tight Bathroom Space? Try These 6 Amazing Tricks | Whether it is a small powder room or a full bath that feels like a half bath, a tiny bathroom is particularly challenging to work on! Limited vanity space, sloping roof, small footprint for separate bath and shower—these are among the most common challenges. Like most homeowners say, trying to make all bathroom necessities all fit in a cramped space is like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle!

But take heart, every bathroom dilemma has a solution. You can make the small space work without knocking down any walls. Did we say without sacrificing an inch of style, too? With the right tricks up your sleeve, transform a small bathroom into a brighter and more inviting one. You will be amused how the right choice of colors, crafty storage, and creative addition of mirrors and curtains can fool the eye! Continue scrolling for some of the savviest small bathroom ideas we rounded up for you. 

  • Use Space-Saving Storage

There is nothing more irksome than winding down after a long tiring day only to step inside your bathroom and see a mess. Damp towels on the floor, lotion bottles, and rolls of tissue papers are scattered all around. If carving out additional storage in your tiny powder room is not an option anymore, try using an over the toilet cabinet. 

These cabinets work smart. They maximize the space above your flush. Plus, they do not require an installation downtime and are budget-friendly! There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from. There are ladder shelving systems made of wood and three-tier storage racks in anti-corrosion steel. Want to put some of your stuff on display? Try those pretty cabinet towers with tempered glass windows.

  • Reflect

In a tiny bathroom, space is of the essence. To those who have one, they would surely say there is a real satisfaction when every inch of space is utilized! Have plenty of empty walls? Take every opportunity to hang up mirrors on them. Mirrors are low-key multi-taskers. Here’s why: They bounce light. Mirrors reflect everything in front of them. If you have small windows, angle your mirrors facing the source of light. This will instantly spread the warmth and brighten the atmosphere in your bathrooms. This trick works for both ambient or natural and artificial lighting. They give a spacious vibe. These reflectors create an illusion that space is larger than it actually is. Hence, they make an essential piece to every small interior, especially tight bathrooms! If you have vertical space, try hanging up a tall mirror. It draws the eyes upward. Trust me, you’ll see the difference right away.

  • Stay Light

Although a variety of colors make a room bold and adventurous, they don’t do well in small spaces. Dark colors and contrasting hues—from wall paint to fixtures and accents—can make a small room look even smaller. They absorb light and make you feel like you are in a cave. Follow the design world’s advice: Use light colors and stick to the monochromatic shades. They make spaces look open and airy, which is all about optical illusion!

Easy on the eyes, minimalist color palettes have light hues that work perfectly in tight rooms. Check out soft blue-grays, muted latte browns, linens, and sand. These chic colors are very popular today, and they work well with white ceilings and cabinetry.

  • Replace Swinging Doors

Unlike traditional doors that open out into a room, pocket doors completely disappear from view when opened. They slide into a hidden wall cavity when pushed back, freeing up some precious floor space! Also, apart from acting as partitions, pocket doors can also be used on closets, cabinets, and shower panels.

  • Use a Tub and Shower Combo

Love to soak but hardly have room enough for a shower? If your bathroom will not allow you to accommodate a full-sized tub separate from the shower, do not fret. There are tub and shower combos perfect for you! Consider lower-walled and corner tubs. They do not take much floor space and they make the bathroom seem more expansive—ideal for warm showers and good enough for a soak.

  • Hang the Curtains High

If your powder room is not blessed with welcoming windows, you are not alone. We all wished we had a high ceiling. Good thing, working around this common problem is an easy task! The solution? Tall curtains. Simply install the curtain rods near the ceiling and let the draperies fall close to the floor. This trick creates an illusion of height, making your bathroom appear taller and roomier.

To quote the experts, pick curtain shades that are in the same color family as your walls to maximize this trick. Instead of intruding and separating the space behind the curtains, they will blend into your walls, creating a sense of continuity.


Not all bathrooms were made spacious and it can be a daunting task to do some redecorating. But with the right tips and a little creativity, it can actually be a fun and fulfilling experience to innovate the space in your bathroom. We hope this guide was able to give you a few new tricks and ideas to up your game at improving your bathroom. For more storage furniture and ideas, visit Storables.com now!

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