Three Website Platforms to Build Your Website Without Writing Code

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Negosentro|In today’s digital age, the role of an online presence is invaluable. Most people refer to the web before they make various decisions – be it financial decisions, shopping decisions, or even communication decisions. Primarily, the internet is today’s first consultant for everyone on almost every other issue out there. In the marketing space, the role of websites is also prominent. Marketers are using sites, unlike before, to advertise and publicize their products and services – and their offerings in general Three Website Platforms.

Websites in the formative years involved <ahref=””rel=”nofollow”writing hundreds and in some cases, even thousands of lines of code. Things have changed over time, and individuals can leverage website platforms and builders to set up their websites and deploy them for various ends. With these website platforms, it is easier to get an operational website without writing even a single line of code Three Website Platforms .

  • Wix


Wix is an easy-to-use platform for building websites that makes it possible to set up a website under half an hour. While some website builders or platforms require at least some basic knowledge of HTML 5 or below, Wix is devoid of these prerequisites. Wix makes it possible to create a single-page website, and there are various templates that you could use depending on their aesthetic appeal and your preferences.

The upside of using Wix is that it avails the functionality of integration with other plugins or applications. This enhances the functionality of the platform, therefore making it easier to access and utilize more functions on the platform, which plays all to the user’s benefit. There are more templates and other advanced functionalities on Wix, but these are proprietary and would require you to subscribe to some premium plan.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a website platform in extensive usage today. Tens of millions of people use WordPress for various purposes, including blogging and content management. The reason why WordPress is in extensive usage is that it has an open-source architecture, and users can customize its code for their own needs. The open-source architecture also attracts a massive user and contributor community. This means there are more goodies in the form of plugins and templates for

It used to be that if you wanted to create a comprehensive WordPress website, you had to know code.
Well, not anymore.
With Elementor, you can create stunning, dynamic WordPress websites without having to write a single line of code.
And, you can do so for free.
Elementor enables SMB owners to intuitively build business websites with its visual drag & drop live editor. You can choose from a variety of responsive templates to fit your business’s every need, and easily customize content and design. You can leverage Elementor’s WooCommerce builder to create your very own online store, complete with engaging landing pages, custom forms, and stunning popups. When your website is ready, you can publish it in one click, without the need for a developer.

and enhancement reasons.

With a wide array of templates available and room for scalability in its usage, WordPress offers close to an unmatched offering across the board. With WordPress, you can build a website of any kind – ranging from e-commerce to an online portfolio. However, noteworthy is the aspect that some advanced customization might require you to get your hands on some coding Three Website Platforms.

  • Jimdo

The Jimdo platform is all about simplicity. It does not have all pomp and fare or ads. Like other website platforms, Jimdo has its share of templates but has fewer templates and limited freebies, unlike Wix or WordPress. The upside of using Jimdo is that it cuts off a lot of prerequisites and reduces the choice to make it easier to craft a website. For users who want to come up with a site in the shortest time and without having to face many choices of templates or plugins that may distract them, then Jimdo is the ideal platform.

It does not involve any coding, and therefore makes the whole website creation process easy and seamless Three Website Platforms.

In summary, there are platforms that users can rely on to build their websites without having to write any code. Given the tedious nature of writing code and the overall building process, these platforms make the entire process easy and seamless.

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