This is How Brands Are Growing on Instagram and You Can Too

This is How Brands Are Growing on Instagram and You Can Too 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro| This is How Brands Are Growing on Instagram and You Can Too |If you are a brand today, there is every possibility you are on social media in some way, and if you’re not, then you aren’t serious enough with your business. One of the social media platforms you can leverage to build your brand is the famous photo and video-sharing app, Instagram, where to get Instagram followers and amp engagement are the key objectives.

With millions of people and businesses now active on Instagram, cutting through the noise and making yourself heard can be overwhelming. Funny enough, however tight it might seem to be on Instagram, there are those individuals and businesses that always enjoy a shower of likes and shares, and lots of comments on every single post they make. Noticed any yet? Can you see what someone likes on instagram? Yes, you can; with the help of Instagram activity tracker.

However mind-boggling and complex this may seem to be, the good news is that no rocket science is involved in getting high rates of engagement. These gurus have taken time to study the Instagram space and have perfected strategies to get the best of their time on the app.

In today’s article, I’m going to show you some tactics to help you stand out on social media, and let you know the secrets of these big Instagram brands.

Tips on How to Build Your Brand and Stand Out on Instagram

  1. Identify your audience

Before you start putting out content on your Instagram account, you need to define and identify your target audience. Employing a scattergun approach by making posts that do not speak to a specific set of people is not how to go when trying to build a brand. 

Spend time observing your targets, understanding their challenges, and finding out what brands are popular with them. This competitive analysis will help you determine the content you need to create to make your Instagram presence felt as well.

Also, what is being suggested to you is that, to engage with users who’re most relevant to your brand, for instance if you’re running a brand related to photography, you should find accounts and post using photography hashtags, that way you will end up getting accounts that will truly make sense to making easier for identifying your audience, instead of getting followers who has nothing to do with your targeted audience that you may’ve set for your brand or instagram account.

  1. Build a relationship with your followers

Beyond regularly putting out content on your Instagram account, you, as a brand, need to build and maintain relationships with your followers. At the risk of sounding cliché, don’t leave the “social” out of your social media presence. 

People will appreciate your brand better if you regularly interact with them. You can occasionally seek out advice from your audience. Not only will you demonstrate to your target audience how valuable they are to you, but it will also go a long way in showing you trust them. That said, it is better to have 100 followers who regularly engage you and your content than 10,000 who ignore you. 

  1. Make use of sharp images and videos

Using clean, smooth, and sharp visuals along with your posts and ad campaigns, is another way of making your presence felt on Instagram. This gives your brand a premium feel and reflects the quality of your services to people, hence helping you gain and retain followers.

Get creative with your use of visuals and pull off the unexpected once in a while. This will help keep you on the lips of people and their ‘following’ list. 

  1. Show up every day

Another way to ensure you stand out and remain relevant on Instagram is to be consistent with your posts. No matter how good you think your content is, if you fail to engage in any form of activity on your social media account for say, one week straight, there’s a real danger you might become a forgotten topic.

Make sure you regularly engage your audience, like and share their posts, comment under trending topics. This way, you’ll remain fresh in their minds.

  1. Make use of color themes

Another way of boosting your online reputation, particularly on media-focused sites like Instagram, is to theme your account. Theming your account means sticking to the same color code and using similar filters with picture posts on your Instagram account. 

Themed accounts are aesthetically and visually pleasing and set the mood for followers. It will also ensure that visitors to your page will not forget what they have seen in a hurry.

  1. Stay true to yourself

People are interested in knowing stories behind brands, their challenges, and breakthroughs. From time to time, share information that inspires you and makes you laugh. Being genuine and transparent in the information shared with people will make them tend to identify with you and share in your feelings.

  1. Employ hashtags

The importance of hashtags when trying to grow a brand on Instagram can’t be overemphasized. Hashtags are the quickest means to search for all related posts under a specific topic on Instagram, and when done right, can drive massive user traffic to your page. However, when using hashtags in post captions, ensure to stick to those related to your brand’s purpose only. Also, avoid spamming your captions with hashtags as this doesn’t give your brand a good outlook.


Social media is an essential part of your business marketing and branding strategies. For one, with over a billion users, Instagram is a potential goldmine every business should be looking to tap into. To make your social efforts effective, you have to look for ways to set yourself apart continually. Incorporating the above tips will go a long way in helping you with that.

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