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Inspired by the Marvel movie “Ant-Man and The Wasp,” The Personal Group Insurance looks into the psyche of ants and suggests how we can succeed in life from the way that these hardworking creatures probably think.

Have you watched the Marvel movie Ant-Man and The Wasp? The second offering in the Marvel comic heroes’ series was a smash hit while it answered the question on the whereabouts of Ant-Man during the “Infinity Wars” movie – a detail that spoilers find it hard to keep to themselves.  But while everyone looked into the movie’s super human characters (Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne) and of course, the villains as well, you’d also be fascinated by the enlarged ants that helped Dr. Hank Pym in his secret lab. It’s amusing to see their depiction as human-like creatures.

So, if ants are so successful in building their colonies and have survived for millions of years, how do ants do it?

Hard Work

The Personal – Home and Auto Group InsuranceAlphonse Desjardins, founder of the Canadian financial giant, Desjardins General Insurance Group (Canada), was such one hardworking person. He once said that, “Humble beginnings are not an obstacle to future greatness.” He did just that. Experiencing Canada’s early social and economic problems, he saw association as a way to help his countrymen. He pioneered the savings cooperative in North America (from Quebec) in 1900. After 100 years, the acquisition of The Personal Group Insurance and the CIBC in 2001 has led the Desjardins Group to further grow by leaps and bounds. Today, the Desjardins Group has more than 7 million members and clients. Hard work plus persistence pays hefty dividends indeed.

Working with a Team

In a colony of ants, there is a queen who leads them all. There are soldiers who guard the queen and the nest, and workers who do everything from building the nest to foraging for food. Ants are therefore, team players.

To succeed in life, you have to have team effort. In today’s world of small business, for example, having work teams is important. Defining each team member’s role and matching their talents and abilities to the roles is crucial for the proper functioning of the parts as well as the whole organization.

Always Finding Ways

Have you tried “confusing” ants by dousing their trail with water? If yes, for sure you have seen how they are able to reconnect with other by creating a separate trail, right? That’s because ants are wired to find ways to get the job done no matter what. They always find ways to finish the task at hand. They climb over, under or even make long detours just to get to the food source.

As we have to be as persistent and as determined like the ants, humans are more creative and more innovative than ants. We adapt to our surroundings and keep finding the best ways possible to get the job done. When the Internet became commercially viable for companies worldwide, adapting to this platform was a must. Today’s industries from publishing, medical, banking and financial services have apps as an extension of their services.  Next up is probably adaptation of AI and blockchain technologies. Who knows?

Keep finding creative and innovative ways to accomplish things. This is one of the keys to succeed in life.

Nothing is Good Enough

Ants don’t have sales quotas unlike we do. They don’t sit around their colonies when they have gathered food good for a week or two. They don’t have a “good-enough” attitude. Instead, they work the system, and eventually improve on the system.

We have to do the same from small tasks to bigger endeavours if we want to succeed in life and business. We go for reputable and trusted partners when going into business. In our daily lives, we research for the best solutions to life’s problems.

A simple task of getting the right auto insurance, for example, means getting quotes from reputable insurers such as The Personal Group Auto Insurance which is a leader in the Canadian market that brought about the concept of group auto insurance in Canada as far back as 1974.

We should not be content on what’s passable or simply okay. We go for the best.

Thinking Ahead

Have you noticed that there is a season wherein ants appear most in your house? It’s usually during the dry or hot season. They also appear when there’s an approaching storm or when the rainy or winter season nears. Ants know that summer doesn’t last forever. So, they go out more during the summer and store up as many food piles as they can for the winter or rainy season. They just don’t go out to work when they want to, but they toil steadily knowing that scarcity will come soon.

We must to do the same. We can’t just hang out when food or other resources are a-plenty. We have to plan and keep moving forward to have a secure future.

Do you have home insurance in case disaster strikes? Do you have a diverse financial portfolio? Having no insurance and just depending on a steady paycheck alone isn’t a healthy financial attitude. The Personal Group Insurance has a lot of plans to choose from. Ask their advice!

Be on the lookout for both proven and new financial opportunities. Talk to the experts. Ask successful people on their stories success. Emulate them and visualize being them. Then work on it. Your future is bright if you think ahead and are determined to succeed in life.


Start small and build up from there. Have a vision of your future, set your goals and work towards them. Ask for help as no man’s an island. Ask the guys at The Personal Group Insurance and you’ll get valuable advice for sure. Be determined even when sometimes you lose your way. Remember, the sum of doing the right things daily results in success.

See you at the top!

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