Things to Know Before Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case in Georgia

Workers' Compensation Case

Getting injured at work can be traumatic and even life-changing and being unable to earn is additional stress you don’t need when you are recovering. Filing for workers’ compensation offers a financial solution so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet without being left out of pocket through no fault of your own. It’s a right and the compensation is there for that purpose but even so, it can be a challenge knowing how to start getting the compensation you deserve. Here are a few things it could be useful to know.

Know You’re Not Suing Your Employer

Many people think they will be suing their employers when they file for workers’ compensation, but this is not true. You may feel your employer has failed to make adequate provision resulting in your accident, but in reality, your case is against the insurance company. To get compensated and receive benefits paid by them, you will be filing your claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ compensation. Insurance companies have a group of lawyers, so it is very important you have one too to be sure you get the maximum compensation owed to you. Getting in touch with a reputable law firm in Georgia, such as, may help you move forward in the right way so when the time comes you are ready to present your case.

Don’t Expect Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Understand that the laws surrounding workers’ compensation vary greatly. In Georgia, you cannot get compensation for pain and suffering. You only get benefits for a physical workplace injury, but these benefits may include medical treatment, wage replacement, disability compensation in case of permanent impairment and rehabilitation expenses. Your lawyer can help you decide whether you have a case or not.

No Compensation for New Workers

If you’re under the impression that you don’t qualify for compensation because you’ve just joined, you’re wrong. In Georgia, you qualify for benefits the minute you start working and become an employee. Getting injured even on your first day does not mean you shouldn’t be compensated for your injuries. You can file a claim, but be sure to work with an experienced lawyer in this situation.

No Choice with Doctors

That is not true. There is nothing to compel you to see the company doctor. It is important for companies to offer a list of authorized doctors – although the list is usually provided by insurance companies. You can pick any doctor from the list to start your treatment and there is nothing wrong with switching provided it’s to a doctor on the list.

Job Security While Injured

Unfortunately, there is no job security when you’re injured. Your employer is under no obligation to keep you on as an employee while you’re recovering from your injury. They can fire you whenever they want. But, if you work with an experienced lawyer, this can be used in your favor to help you qualify for better compensation.

Compensation may be your right, but a fair compensation sometimes needs to be fought for. No insurance company ever wants to pay out more than they have to. It adds to their premiums and cuts into their profits. You won’t be thinking along those lines so it makes sense to have an expert on your side. Someone working for your best interests who knows how to work with the process. Claiming compensation can become very time consuming and complicated when one party is trying to avoid giving over what’s due.

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