Things to Know About Tarot Card Reading | by: Rover Jones

Things to Know About Tarot Card Reading
Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Things to Know About Tarot Card Reading | Tarot cards may look like simple cards with patterns and figures. However, the patterns come together and form deeper meaning in the decks, spreads, and their themes. Similarly, the cards also have individual meaning in the sequences that they bear. There is a surging interest in using tarot cards to read and understand the meaning of things. Here is what you should know about tarot cards.


Tarot cards have various shapes, symbols, and patterns that give meaning. The combination and pattern of the cards come together and develop a precise meaning based on their position. The individual cards also have symbols that also provide an intended purpose. The cards also represent specific personalities, which are an essential part of the meaning upon tarot card reading. For instance, there are court cards, king and queen, all with different interpretations on traits and personalities. The cards combine to form decks and spreads, which then give meaning to the reader.


The meaning in tarot cards all depends on context. First, you have to form a deck from the tarot cards, from which spreads arise and develop a precise function and interpretation of specific meaning. A deck comprises 78 cards split into 56 and 22 cards for the major and minor arcana. The deck is a perfect starting point in reading the cards and establishing meaning from the process. There are different types of decks, and one of the most popular types is Rider-White which is perfect for beginners and good in developing the ideal interpretation from the deck reading as a process.


Spreads are the core of all meaning in tarot cards. A spread will give you a pattern from which you will make reading and subsequently derive an interpretation. While there are individual meanings from the lone cards, the spread is an adequate set that helps to develop the perfect interpretation from the tarot deck. There are different kinds of spreads which all depend on the associated meaning. These spreads include ‘three cards,’ ‘fire of creation,’ ‘year ahead,’ ‘inner healing,’ and ‘love spread,’ among others. The three-card spread is the most common spread that you could easily use in reading and developing meaning from the combinations.


When the cards come together based on their shared features, they form suit cards. Each of the suits has an overall theme, such as cups representing the water as an element, pentacles representing earth, swords for air, and wands for the element of fire. These elements also define specific attributes such as feelings, intuitions, thoughts, and actions.


The cards develop a precise meaning, either individually or in combination. The process of interpreting symbols and sequences from the cards to establish an accurate meaning is the reading. The process also requires an expert who is conversant with the patterns and how they give rise to personality. An expert would also know about the best way to interpret the signs and themes to provide a precise meaning at the end. If you want to learn how to read tarot cards, it is crucial to find a perfect guide for the best tarot questions that would guide the process through to the interpretation and formation of meaning.


Meaning is the end goal from the tarot cards, and it is mainly dependent on context. It is crucial to gain a unique and individual meaning that goes beyond the card itself. Meaning also forms the largest and most important task that the reader must conquer in tarot cards. A combination of cards, the themes they develop, and the traits they represent all combine to create the ultimate combination that gives way to meaning. You will realize that the sequence of cards and their arrangement will provide themes and subsequent interpretation of things, occasions, and events in life.


Tarot cards have a mystical and straightforward meaning. The individual cards have shapes, patterns, and figures that represent various features and items in the lives of individuals. Tarots can give you a powerful tool for learning about life and connections about things you are perhaps unaware of from your normal understanding of things. However, you should know about the individual cards, decks, spreads, and how they are read to establish themes and subsequent meaning.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

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