Things to keep in mind when seeking out a small bathroom bathtub

small bathroom bathtub

If you are looking to refurbish a smaller sized bathroom don’t settle for just a shower if you really want a new tub, as although you have less space to play with it’s not impossible to make it work. You do need to give it more thought than you would if choosing a tub for a bigger bathroom, but there should definitely be a few options out there for you; just keep the following tips in mind when you are sourcing the perfect bathtub for your home.

Measure the depth as well as the length
If you are prepared to trade extra depth for a few inches off the footprint you can enjoy a soak in a tub which takes the same amount of water as a larger model.  There are several models promoted specifically as ‘soaker’ models, so there’s no need to miss out.

Consider a walk-in model
This is another tub that uses extra depth over length, which is actually a really relaxing way to enjoy a bath. The added bonus of a walk-in model, of course, is that those with current or future mobility issues don’t have to miss out on using the tub. As these tubs are deeper they have a seat built in for comfort, and the whole thing is completely waterproof.

Go for sloping sides
There are nice five foot baths around which have changed up the overall design aspect by adding sides which slope gently, delivering extra comfort to make up for the shorter length.

Look at claw foot style tubs
These classic style cast iron tubs are stunning in any bathroom, and the great news is that there are scaled down versions available, which means anyone can enjoy one of these oval-shaped tubs, even if their bathroom is on their smaller size. Plus it can be placed anywhere the water connections allow.

Check out inset baths
These work in smaller spaces because they fit right next to a suitable wall, which could be an awkward alcove or recess which would otherwise be left unused.

How about a specially designed shower-bath?
If you are really struggling for space but really need both a tub and a shower consider a P or L-shaped bathtub. This has enough space for a soak and a decent sized area where it is easy to shower.

Corner baths can work
These are another type of tub that sits up against walls, and by being in the corner it doesn’t need a large part of the limited floor space available. They are available with both right and left-hand fittings so you can put them in any corner.

Choosing a small bathtub for a bathroom is always going to involve more thought, research and effort than doing the same with a larger space because there’s no margin for error when every inch available needs to be used wisely. However, as you have read here there are lots of great choices that can work, so it’s not an impossible task.

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