Things to Avoid After Pitching to Investors

relationship-with-investors |Things to Avoid After Pitching to Investors | You feel relieved that your presentation to the potential investors is finally over. You worked hard to relay your ideas well. You even invested in a video wall mount to ensure that the presentation went smoothly. You’re a few steps closer to the achievement of your goals. Before it happens, these are a few things you need to avoid since they could derail your plans. 

Asking the investors about the results

Just like in a job interview, you can’t ask if you got hired as soon as the interview is over. You have to give them enough time to review what you said before deciding. Don’t put them on the spot by asking for the results. Even if you did well, they could change their minds because of this terrible question. 

Leaving the room

Even if you’re the leader of the group or the company you intend to build, you still need the support of the investors to succeed. Therefore, you can’t just decide to leave the room if you think your job is over, and let your other team members do the rest. You have to stay to entertain the guests. They might also have further questions about your presentation. It’s also a chance for you to show your personality to them. Don’t forget that the investors aren’t only judging your ideas, but your attitude too. 

Show how relieved you are

You’re not in a room with your teachers after a class presentation. You can’t show how excited you are that your job is over. You need to stay composed even when you already did your part. Showing relief means that you felt extremely nervous during the presentation. You have to show that the process is normal for you and you are confident in yourself. 

Begging for a positive result

You already did what you had to do. Let your ideas do the talking. If the investors felt convinced, they will call you and tell you the good news. There’s no need for you to beg or show that you badly need the money. Besides, if you did a great job, you know the investors will call you back. If they have questions, they won’t hesitate to ask you first before leaving the room. 

It’s understandable that you’re passionate about this goal, and you want to succeed, but you can’t show how desperate you are. You have to stay professional. Don’t forget that if the investors decide to spend money on you, they will be your colleagues in running the business. Start looking at them as your partners from this point onwards.

If you still don’t feel confident about your presentation, you might have to suspend your plans and wait until you polish your ideas. Just make sure you don’t make the potential investors wait too long since they can always invest in someone else who already has something for them to assess. Stay positive and wait until you hear the investors tell you that they want to go further with you.

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