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Alibag has become a popular getaway for Mumbaikars as it offers them with clean, pure air and sets their moods right, while rejuvenates their mind and body.  This place is also frequented by tourists coming from all parts of the country and even abroad as there are several things to indulge in during the trip. You are to feel fully refreshed on coming here and unravel your stress. This beautiful coastal town is also currently referred to as ‘Mini-Goa’ and is located only 110km away from the busy city of Mumbai. It has its colonial appeal and boasts of having numerous well spread beaches here across the town that seems to be inviting and appealing to the visitors. 

Moreover, blessed with magnanimous forts, ancient temples and sandy beaches, it is indeed a travellers’ paradise. You can get to view the spectacular and stunning sunrise and sunset views here. Kolaba Fort is considered to be a popular citadel carved with great beauty and architecture that you can visit by taking a boat ride. It was only during the 17th century that this city got established during King Shivaji’s reign. Mandwa beach is popular here among locals and tourists, alike offering clean water and pollution-free air. You can also get to indulge in various types of watersport activities at the popular beaches here. alibag

How to reach

By train: The railway station that is close to Alibagh is a small town named Pen, where you can alight and get public transport or book a car to reach the beach town. By air: Mumbai Airport is located just 140kms from Alibag and you can take a car from here and the time to travel is just approximately 2 hours.  By road: This place is well connected with Mumbai by private and state buses plying every day. 

What to eat

Alibagh’s cuisine is said to involve different types of seafood. You can also get to consume other food styles like Continental, South India or Chinese preparations beside traditional and local cuisines prepared here. 

Things to do during the trip

Alibagh is said to have overtaken Goa as the most favoured haunt especially among the A-listers of Mumbai, who have been looking for serene, calm place to spend their weekend with family, children and friends. The A-listers mostly include businessmen and celebrities. Even the average tourist is noticed to take interest in this place. It has become the home for the Bollywood Badshah, namely, Shahrukh Khan. 

  • Taking ferry ride to visit Kolaba Fort: You can take up boating and sail for couple of hours. Taking ferry ride can help you to reach Kolaba Fort, which is claimed to be over 300 years. 
  • Kihim Beach: You can walk or stroll along the beach which will seem like taking a walk through time. Hidden by some dense tree cover, it is surprisingly solitary. You sure can enjoy getting away from the hustle & bustle and pollution of city life and get lost in this stunning beach paradise. It is also a great place for birdwatchers and photographers. 
  • Murud Janjira Fort: From Alibagh, this fort is located at a distance of around 54 km. and is indeed an architectural marvel. It is a 5 storey structure that stands tall besides the sea. It is both a photographer’s delight and a vantage point during the rainy season. 
  • Luxurious stay in Alibagh: You can get pampered during your stay at Alibagh. There have mushroomed budget and luxury hotels in Alibagh that offers pools, spa session, delicacies and the lot that will make you delighted. 
  • Excellent getaway destination for kids: One particular factor that is not known to many is that this place is considered to be an ideal weekend getaway for children of all ages. It does boast of having various interesting aspects related to history and nature. At the same time, children can also engage in various types of watersports created exclusively for them and are completely safe. Some water based activities include parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and sea kayaking, etc. 

Few interesting places to visit surrounding Akshi Beach

Akshi beach is popular for its white sands which are dotted with flocks of birds and plenty of Suru trees. This beach is among the attraction of Alibagh and a wonderful getaway spot to relax and rejuvenate. The water here is pristine and clean, thereby being the perfect place to swim. Also is popular bird watching, banana rides, jet skiing etc. 

  • Brahma Kund: This kund or pool is located just 20kms away from the town of Alibagh and was constructed in 1612. It is popular religiously and is located on top of a hill. Two kunds are there, namely, the Brahma kund and Shiv kund, considered to be of spectacular rectangle shape, enclosed on all 4 sides with steps to for people descend to reach its water. 
  • Alibagh Beach: In the Konkan region, it is definitely among the main beaches and boasts of being pristinely beautiful with the darkest sands. It has been named after Ali Shah Bawa Mazhar and is located in the middle of the town. Kolaba Fort can be viewed from this place. You can engage in several delightful activities here like relaxing, horse cart riding and swimming. It is also a wonderful spot to have a romantic evening. 
  • Kanakeshwar Forest: It is a dense, beautiful forest popular for its rich and diverse flora and fauna. It is also home to different types of wild animals like wild boars, leopards, snakes, etc. There is a pathway having 700 steps leading through the forest which takes you to the hill top above. At the middle is present one or couple of resting places for tired travellers to relax. You should definitely visit this forest if you love trekking or seeking new adventure. 

There are indeed plenty of things to do in Alibag which you are sure to enjoy if you are well informed and have the itinerary ready.

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