The ultimate guide to Integrated Solar Street Light


Innovations have made everything possible. Science and technology are evolving every day, which motivates people that nothing is impossible. Integrated solar street light is a new form of lightning your street light which compacts solar panels, lithium battery, LED, and charging controller into one body. 

Resources are becoming scarce day by day, and so we have to find a solution where resources are applicable, and one will not have to worry about finishing them off. Solar lights are a smart way of using technology and also, a better way of preserving our natural resources. 

Street lights are the source for people to find their way in the dark whether, they are driving, walking or cycling. Solar lights are responsible for the extra illumination of the street lights. Often people believe the brighter the light lesser is the crime. Brighter light will avoid any sort of crime or mishap because criminals tend to harm others in the dark.

Solar street lights are an intelligent form of producing lights and are worth knowing. It is automatic automation that brightens when any nearby movement is detected and dims when there is no movement. Possessing high-quality materials, it is best suited for environment protection.

Elements that integrate a solar street light

Solar panel

Being, an important part of an integrated solar street light solar panels is responsible for converting energy absorbed from the sun into electricity. Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that are placed between semiconductor materials.

They allow photons to separate from atoms generating flow of electricity and each photovoltaic cells combines itself to form an electric field and when a photon of sunlight throws its electron free which  falls in the electric field, it gets pushed from the junction and with the help of other elements these electrons are made use in the form of power. 

LED lamp

LED also referred to as light-emitting diode, which is responsible for illumination in solar street lights. A semiconductor light source material that emits light whenever electricity is made a pass through it, semiconductor consist of electrons that combines with electron holes to release energy in the form of photons.

Its main purpose is illumination and is widely applicable because of its low consumption of energy, and due to its condense size, it can be easily installed anywhere. It also comprises a longer life span and is flexible when used in applications.

Lithium battery

Batteries are an important factor in solar street lights as their backup decides how much longer will it be used. Being connected to solar panels lithium batteries work by storing electrical energy in the day time and making use of it in the night.  

Lithium-ion batteries are in demand because of their small size, which enables it to be an appropriate fit with the street lights. To make its use for a longer period, one only needs to charge enough batteries that can be used at times like power outage. 

Charging controller

When thinking about solar light batteries are important for charging, but the charging controller is the ones that avoid batteries from overcharging. It is also responsible for limiting electric current rates which draw from batteries or added to the batteries so that power consumption can be reduced.

It may also protect batteries in case of overvoltage, which can affect the working of batteries as well as its life span. Overvoltage can also result in safety risks but charge controllers are to overcome any sort of risk or harms discovered.

Summing up all the above integrated solar street lights are generated. To cover a wider area street light is use and for better illumination, a solar street light. To make it short solar street lights are compatible as they include no wiring and less power consumption. Today many areas don’t even have electricity, so using solar lights can help in restoring natural resources that is consume mercilessly. Solar lights define a new way to light up your surroundings, which is a natural way to produce electricity. It comes with certain benefits that you can’t miss, it will reduce your electric bills, easy to install which saves your time, reliable at times like bad weather or power outage, charges in day and produce electricity at night, good for wider areas like street lights and parking lots, its illumination avoids crimes that emerges in the dark, and also is a small step towards preservation of the nature.  


For brighter roads, and streets integrated solar street lights are the best solution which illuminates light and cover wider areas. To provide a clear view at night and make street safe solar lights are a reliable method to generate power supply without actually wasting resources and making use of things that are in abundance.

Author Bio:

Isabel Speckman is a North Carolina-based freelance writer and work-from-home mother of two. In her 10 years as a professional writer, she’s worked in proposal management, grant writing, and content creation. Personally, she’s passionate about teaching her family how to stay safe, secure and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.