The Top Most Economical Internet Service Providers in the U.S.

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Information technology and the internet are growing rapidly. Such technological advancements have made internet connectivity an essential need for almost every household. Back in the old days, getting an internet connection used to be difficult as well as expensive. However, with the passage of time, the market saturated and people can now avail these services at affordable prices. 

Nowadays, many service providers are offering internet packages with bundle deals in order to facilitate their customers in the best possible way. 

Charter Spectrum 

When it comes to price, Spectrum stands out of the crowd delivering the fastest internet speed in its price range. Depending on the state, Spectrum offers twice as much speed as a similar package from any other service provider in just $5 more a month. This service provider truly offers the best value for your money. Spectrum Internet Plans do not require you to sign any contracts. In fact, the company is ready to pay your current provider’s termination fee if you decide to end your contract and start a new one with Spectrum. 

Factors to Consider

When purchasing services from Spectrum, bear in mind that the price of the service will increase after the second year. Although this increase in price is not a big jump, it might be an issue for some customers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have in-depth knowledge about the services you are going to avail. 


Offering broad coverage, AT&T is by far the largest DSL broadband internet provider in the United States. The company is catering to more than 140 million customers and this figure is expected to grow in the upcoming years. From high-speed fiber to DSL broadband internet, AT&T offers plans for almost every household. Many service providers offer DSL broadband internet at the same price as AT&T, but with slower speeds and data caps. AT&T is the only provider in the nation that offers DSL speeds of up to 100Mbps. Furthermore, all the installation equipment such as a router is included in the package at no additional cost. 

Factors to Consider

The plan structure of AT&T can get a little confusing at times. For instance, AT&T internet plans are named after their speed tier like Internet 50, Internet 100. So, at 100Mbps, AT&T Fiber and AT&T DSL plans overlap each other and it is unclear whether you are looking at DSL plan or Fiber plan. Make sure that you call their helpline and talk to the customer representative in detail to avoid problems in the future. 

Comcast Xfinity 

Xfinity offers a no-contract option to its customers, which is quite appealing for people who do not wish to commit to any one service provider. You will find Xfinity to be budget-friendly if you avail stand-alone services. Moreover, if you enroll yourself in Xfinity’s Autopay EcoBill system, you get an additional $5 discount per month for 12 months which is good enough for many customers. 

Factors to Consider

The economical package by Xfinity offers 15Mbps of speed, which is suitable for people who do require much speed. Please note the fact that 15Mbps of speed is only for light and adequate use and you will only get 2Mbps of upload speed, which means file-sharing and uploading will be a time-consuming task. So, compare the services of different providers before you enter into a contract with a provider. 


Quite often, internet providers offer a promotional price for their new customers but after a significant period of time, they start charging the usual price for their services. CenturyLink is a provider that has introduced a new offer where customers get a bona fide guarantee of a price for life. Your monthly price will remain unchanged unless you opt for a different package deal. Furthermore, you do not need to sign any long-term contracts, which means there is no early termination fee and you are free to change the provider whenever you want to. 

Factors to Consider 

CenturyLink services are appealing for people who are on a budget. However, this provider does not offer a high-speed internet service so you will have to compromise on the speed of the network. In addition to this, their plan structure is confusing for many customers. 

These are some of the most economical service providers in the United States. Make sure that you compare all their services in order to select the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

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