The New Approach to B2B Lead Acquisition: 5 Essentials of Conversational Marketing

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Image: | The New Approach to B2B Lead Acquisition: 5 Essentials of Conversational Marketing | A marketing campaign without a message is an easy way to waste time and money. This is something that happens more often than it should, even when skilled departments are in charge. Conversational marketing changes the game by taking away the pitfalls of false leads. It’s a better way to get qualified leads, even in a crowded marketplace. When you understand the essentials of conversational marketing, it helps improve all the weak areas of your campaign. There’s also lead scoring which is used to determine sales readiness of leads and move them through stages of the sales process.

1. Solidify Your Message

If your company hasn’t created a message, then how will the chatbots grow and learn? The vision of your company should be set long before you decide on which bot works for conversational marketing. A bot without a clear company message is like sending an inexperienced employee to talk business to a client. With business, you usually get one chance to impress the other side. Making that chance count is a priority, but starts by getting the vision correct for the entire company. 

2. Find the Right Bot

There are many different kinds of bots to choose from. All of them have specific features that will help your company. An offline feature is considered valuable for all companies, and is perfect to improve your 24/7 presence. Bots with an offline mode make your company look less static online, which is something that helps build customer rapport. Getting the right combination of features in one bot takes research, so take your time making a list of prioritized features. 

3. Integrate Bots into Support Roles

Companies that are successful with working bots into conversational marketing have a huge opportunity for expansion. They can use the same technology to integrate bots into customer support roles. For consistency, some brands keep the same personality across multiple parts of their teams. That means Siri the sales bot will also be the one to guide consumers through customer support. You don’t need consistency with a virtual personality, but it does wonders for immersion when handling business online. 

4. Update Your Landing Pages

All of your landing pages should be updated to reflect the move to conversational marketing. That means every compatible page should have a quick click option to access the sites bot. This simple pop up is not intrusive, and allows consumers to start a conversation the moment they need help. Alternatively, you can have the bot pop up the moment the consumer loads your webpage. 

5. Stay on Top of Social Media

Social media platforms have been using conversational marketing for years. And their dedication to bots is both advanced, and highly innovative. Companies can learn a lot from the biggest brands in social media. In a few cases, you will be able to collaborate your own bot with the chatbots included in popular messenger apps. 

Wrap Up

Businesses that are interested in streamlining lead generation can use conversational marketing to get the best results. A customer that shops online still craves a personalized platform that understands their wants and needs. With conversational marketing, you get a digital face to face sales pitch from the best salesman in the business.

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