The Most Essential Aircraft Tools Required for Its Maintenance

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The Most Essential Aircraft Tools Required for Its Maintenance | Aircraft tools are important for the maintenance of the aircraft and to ensure the passenger’s safety investment in a good quality of tools is necessary. With the requirement, it should be noted that such advanced tools can be only used by trained and experienced mechanics. Hence eligible mechanics must be appointed for its usage.

Some of the most important tools and equipment used in aircraft are:

  • Speed Handle: It is one of the most essential tools for any aircraft. A long screwdriver with an off shaft in the middle. These can be used to tighten a screw with only one hand while the other hand can be used for other repairs. It can also be equipped with sockets to tighten or loosen a nut or a bolt. The reason why it is called a speed handle is that it helps technicians to work fast and efficiently. It is a requisite tool because it can be used on a high-end machine that has thousands of screws.
  • Torque Wrench: As an aircraft is designed flawlessly and each screw requires to be installed to a particular torque or tightness. Therefore, it is crucial to have an appropriate calibrated torque for tightening a nut or a bolt. A torque wrench has to be set to a specified torque so that whenever any screw is fixed using the wrench it gets set to that amount of tightness which is also indicated by the wrench.
  • Safety Wire Pliers: Obviously the fasteners are fixed up to their desired torque so that it can ensure that the nuts and bolts do not remain loose. Nonetheless, safety pliers can also be used to spin aluminium wires into strong braids so that the nuts or bolts can be tightly held. Any fault of the fastener will be backed up by the toughness of the strands and this will also help the bolt from unlatching any further.
  • Vibration Meter: This is another essential aircraft tool as it helps to analyze the vibrations that an aircraft can withstand. It is important that the aircraft stays secure in the air. A vibration meter measures in kilograms to give the idea about how much vibration the aircraft can withstand. If an aircraft lacks a vibration meter it is likely to have issues with the rotor blades or it may mess up the structural integrity of the aircraft.
  • Metal Working tools: Aircraft are up of metals so having metalworking tools is necessary as it helps in bending, cutting, and fastening metals. Some of the most common metalworking tools are rivet guns and drills which help in installing rivets in order to keep the structural elements of the aircraft in a steady form. Using high-quality aircraft tools provide optimal precision and accuracy of utmost importance to the aviation industry.
  • Mirrors: Now this tool might look useless, but it also helps in figuring out the smallest and the critical components of an aircraft that cannot be seen otherwise. It serves a great purpose in maintaining such critical parts without the need to dismantle the whole wing.

Wire pillerAfter learning about some of the aircraft tools it is clear that maintenance of an aircraft involves a lot of costs, time, and also expert minds. A lot of safety and security is needed for an airplane to come into play because there are no chances for mistakes. These mistakes can only be avoided if proper care and maintenance are done. Therefore, it is important to use good quality branded aircraft tools for perpetual use of an aircraft.

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