The Moral Side of Using Essay Writing Services

The Moral Side of Using Essay Writing Services Dissertation Writing Service first essay Student Essay Writing Services | The Moral Side of Using Essay Writing Services | Essay writing services are all over the internet, and day after day, more school and university students turn to these services to help them submit their assignments on time. There are several reasons why students choose to hire professional writers to write their essays, research papers, and other academic assignments. But is it ethical? Keep on reading to find the answer to this question.

Essay Writing Services: A Way Out

Today, students are required to do a lot of work. They’re supposed to attend classes or lectures, participate in group projects, study, keep up with social activities and events, and find time to do research to finish written assignments on time. They might even need to work to secure their tuition expenses.

However, in most cases, students get too overwhelmed because they have no time or energy to finish all these tasks. Writing is a time-consuming activity because you have to spend time to research your topic thoroughly, write a draft, and then rewrite and review your assignment before the date of submission. When you’re running out of time, your best chance would be to hire a professional writer to finish your essay on your behalf. 

Some students are tempted to hire essay writing services because they simply lack the writing talent. Even if you know a lot of information about the academic topic, you might not be a talented writer. You might lack the ability to organize your thoughts into meaningful sentences that make up a coherent essay. 

Moreover, professors and teachers have the same requirements from all students, regardless of their background. This means that if you’re not a native speaker, you would still be required to submit the same writing level that your teacher or professor expects from a native speaker.

Some hard-working students might lack the essential grammar skills or might not be very good with punctuation or choosing the relevant vocabulary. This will definitely have a negative impact on the essay. Professional academic writers will solve the problem because they’re experts at what they do. They also have access to multiple tools that allow them to guarantee your essay or research paper’s quality. 

However, in most schools, colleges, and universities, hiring an essay writing service is frowned upon. As a matter of fact, you might even get expelled if it was proved that you hired someone else to finish your academic task. Nevertheless, the business of essay writing keeps on growing as more students are willing to hire professional writers, and more academic writers are willing to provide their services. 

Is it Ethical?

This is a hard question because every party involved has a different point of view. Professors and teachers believe that it’s quite unethical to ask someone else to write an academic essay or research paper that is supposed to show the student’s efforts and understanding. 

Nevertheless, this means of evaluation and assessment might be unfair to some students who lack the talent of writing. Essay writing services offer these hard-working students a chance if English isn’t their first language or if they don’t have time to write lengthy essays due to personal reasons. 

Professional essay writing services don’t offer plagiarized content, as the assignment will be written according to the student’s requirements. In that sense, the student will have to do some research, either by specifying the points that need to be included in the essay or by listing the references that need to be checked for this assignment. 

This means that the writer won’t be copying someone else’s work or stealing another student’s effort. Moreover, they might be working according to the notes that the student compiled after researching the topic, which is the purpose of writing an assignment. 

In that sense, ordering an essay from an essay writing service doesn’t have a negative impact on the learning process and affects students’ academic level. It merely provides them with an opportunity to save their academic future when things are too challenging. In some cases, this might be the only option if the student runs out of time and the professor refuses to offer an extension. 

Students already have to go through different types of assessments, and they might know a lot about the topic but lack the time needed to write an essay about it. At the same time, the writer will usually consider the student’s input to make sure that they’re writing a custom-made assignment that suits their criteria. 

Should Students Order Paid Essays?

Learning is a complicated process that goes through a lot of stages. Just because someone isn’t good at writing essays doesn’t mean that they’re careless, or they don’t care about their academic future. In fact, the opposite could be true. 

Using a written assignment is sometimes unfair towards foreign students, those who have problems with writing, or students have to work to secure their tuition fees. Even if a student finishes the essay independently, they might need a professional writer to revise the assignment and make sure that it’s free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. An experienced academic writer will be able to write more coherent sentences and use better vocabulary to improve the quality of writing. 

However, students shouldn’t totally depend on ordering their homework assignments, essays, and research papers if they think they can buy their way out of problems. They still need to put in some effort and use their skills to advance in school or college and in life. 

They should also make sure that they’re dealing with a trustworthy writing service that would keep their identity anonymous and grant them full copyright of the assignment, guaranteeing that it won’t be shared with anyone else. Hiring an essay writing service can literally save a student’s academic future, as long as they choose a reliable one. 

Wrap Up

Essay writing services are becoming more popular every day as students worldwide struggle with their workload. Although some professors believe that it’s unethical to order academic essays, this could be the only solution for some students.

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