The Microbrewery: Success in the Beer Sector

The Microbrewery: Success in the Beer Sector

The Microbrewery: Success in the Beer Sector | We Australians love our beer and over the past few years, a new player arrived on the beer marketplace, namely the microbrewery. A typical story would be a couple of hobby beer brewers coming together with some great recipes and a solid business plan; with government incentives to promote small businesses, many started their own small brewery and began to market their craft beer products.

Fine Craft Beer

There are those who would say that ice-cold pale ale or pilsner is the closest thing to Heaven and if you have yet to sample locally brewed best craft beer by Hairyman, this should be a priority. They have a wide range of fine pale ales, English bitters and European pilsner lagers, all brewed with tender loving care by local brewmasters and when you switch to craft beer, you are supporting your local community.

The Pandemic

While the Covid pandemic caused economic havoc around the world, the lockdowns saw many people searching online for a local microbrewery and ordering from their website. Once you have sampled craft beers, you won’t wish to return to your old favourite anytime soon and what’s more, craft beer is very affordable. Prior to the arrival of Covid, microbreweries opened their bars for on-site consumption, which were very popular places to meet for a drink and when the pubs closed, drinkers switched to home solutions and ordered online.

Social Media

When you bump into superb beer at affordable prices, you will let all your friends know and send them a link to the brewer’s site and they can find out why craft beers are so popular. Facebook has really spread the word about locally brewed craft beer and as many people drink at home, this is the ideal solution. Here is a great blogging platform, where you will find engaging articles on a wide range of topics, including ‘how to’ blogs,

Wide Range of Products

The menu is a dream for serious beer drinkers; fine pale ales, old English bitter with that crispy twang taste and European pilsner recipes that are centuries old. The brewers use a combination of locally grown ingredients and imported hops to bring you the very best in beer, no matter your preference. All it takes to view their impressive menu is a Google search and you should start with a mixed-selection pack and sample some their best sellers and when you discover the beers that hit the spot, you can place a bulk order.

Stock Up for the Summer

The great Aussie summer will soon be upon us and with a fridge full of premium craft beer, your friends will quickly discover your hidden treasure and will visit more often. While you might expect premium craft beer to be a little on the expensive side, it is very reasonably priced and all beers are at least ABV 5.0%, some a lot more if you like strong beer, and when compared to the beers found on the supermarket shelves, there’s no competition for fine craft beer. If you are planning any parties this summer, order more than enough, as your guests certainly won’t be shy in letting you know what they think of the beer.

Regardless of where you live in Australia, you won’t be far from a family owned and managed microbrewery with some excellent beers that can be ordered online. This sector is steadily growing, as more and more beer drinkers fall in love with the unique tastes create by local brewmasters. Click here for Australian government advice about drinking, which we should all read.

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