The Local Business’ Guide to Growing Your Reach


Fred Gordon, Negosentro |  Small businesses have it tough. Not only do you have a business that you need to manage and run, you need to worry about all the sectors and how to market them. Larger companies have entire departments dedicated to these tasks, but small business owners typically find themselves doing all the work by themselves. You need to work hard on providing quality service to your current customers, but you also need to attract more customers in order to stay in business.

SEO Marketing

One of the first ways to expand your reach as a small business is to focus on local SEO. Local SEO campaigns are typically far more successful than those aiming for a global reach, and, in many cases, local searches lead to real, in-store customers. People want to find their local dentist, rather than the best dentist in LA. They want to find where the closest bakery is, and so on. Local search is powerful – half of all users who search for a local establishment will visit later on the same day.

  • Get Listed


One of the easiest ways to increase your visibility on Google and through its search engine is to simply list your business. Claim it on Google maps, add in all the relevant information, and go from there. There are many directories that will not only expand your reach, but also increase your page ranking. Adding your restaurant on multiple review websites, for instance, can provide the external links you need to be listed above your competition.

  • Local News


Not all websites are seen equally in Google’s eyes, which is why vying for coverage from local news coverage can be an excellent way to increase your search result ranking. You can bring a story forward about the state of your industry, a feel-good story if you are planning on hosting a fundraiser for charity, or even an opening. The more you get your name out there with the local news, the more visible you will be, both organically and through Google.

Ideas for Local Coverage:

  • In-Depth Analysis


News outlets love to have shocking facts, so if you give them an article that talks in depth about a social problem in your community, they will be sure to be interested. The growing pandemic of cavities, for instance, can be a great local piece. Find the information you need from your own records, from academic studies, and even from polls. The more widespread the issue, the more reach your story can get (and, in turn, your business).  

  • Community Project


Charity events are always covered by local news. Not only are these events for a good cause, they are something fun to do for families. It’s a great way to not only get the news coverage you are looking for, it’s an excellent way to get people to your door.

Tip: That charity, in turn, will likely write about you on their own website, be sure that they add a link to your local business!


  • Sponsor a Local Event


If you don’t have the time to host your own community project, you could sponsor a local event or team instead. That way not only will your logo and branding be on the event, you can also do something positive for your community. Sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to get in with the family community, especially if you are a local business that deals with family health.

Tip: Local news agencies are more likely to publish feel-good stories, so hand a press release to them about the team or event you are sponsoring. Just be sure that your business is mentioned and hyperlinked to your website!

  • Optimizing On-Site SEO  


The SEO techniques allowed by Google’s guidelines (also known as white hat SEO) change as Google updates its policies. Follow these tips to optimize your on-site SEO the right way:

  • Title Tag and Keyword


The title tag and keyword are what appears on Google’s search results. It is what users preview before they click on a site to ensure that the content has what they are looking for. The closer the keyword you want to rank highly in is to the beginning of your title tag, the better.

  • Know How Users Search


Adding the words “best,” “guide,” “review” and adding the current year are all ways to attract readers and Google’s algorithms.

  • Clean Up URLs


Most CMS (content management systems) allow you to customize your URL. The shorter and more specific your URL, the better.

  • Upgrade Your Website


Responsive design and speed are ranked highly by Google because responsive design is the easiest way to make your website mobile-friendly without too much hassle. Buying a new theme can help you improve your SEO and user-friendliness all in one go.

  • Link Your Page


There are two types of links all on-site SEO needs. The first is internal links, which help direct users to other pages on your website. The second are outbound links, which help Google determine what your page’s topic is.

Digital Media Marketing

From social media marketing to other marketing strategies like sponsored posts and influencer marketing, there are so many ways that you can expand your reach as a local business. Creating an adequate marketing strategy, however, is crucial before you begin. If you are not experienced, or do not have the time to dedicate your efforts to any digital media marketing, including SEO, it’s wise to hire a specialized marketing agency. So, if you were a dentistry, you would hire Creativedge Marketing. Hiring a specialized agency will ensure that you are in the hands of experts who know about your industry and what tactics work.

Being a small business is tough, but you can become a success in no time with the right strategies. From local SEO tactics to local advertisements to even giving back to your community. Find innovative ways to combine traditional marketing with digital marketing, and you’ll become a household name in no time.

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