The Key to Simplistic Living: Modern Decoration Ideas

The Key to Simplistic Living: Modern Decoration Ideas
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Negosentro | The Key to Simplistic Living: Modern Decoration Ideas | Decorating a house is much easier when one gathers random items to cover the house. A simple and minimalist home is the toughest to decorate since one does not understand how to buy products that enhance the emptiness. Using uncomplicated materials like discount lounges, curtains, and other cheap decors is perfect since one does not require expensive items for a minimalist decoration—modern living is the least hectic standard since it includes less stress on the eye uncluttered looks.

Achieving these benchmarks is quite strenuous, considering many are unaware of how to decorate without decorating. Here are a few ideas to help!

Floor decor:

Decorating the floor includes rags, carpets, and many more items. Most people like flamboyant mats that extend to the length of the centre table. Using colourful throw rugs or rags solely bought for their individualistic looks might not sit well with the rest of the house. This attribute will bring attention to the mat and ruin the simplistic view. Many of these come in different patterns and bold shades of red and beige.

Using minimalistic grey or black rugs are the best choices to remove attention and glam up the house. Most people like to have the whole living room carpeted with a thin grey sheet-like rug. It keeps the room warm and produces a neat look. One can add another thick rag to make it beautiful. Add little mats under the furniture to protect them from damage if required.

Furniture and house decor:

Using the right furniture decides the room’s fate. One can purchase discount lounges from the market for the best benefits. Clear shades of light blue, grey, black, or white are perfect for a minimalistic nature. Ensure finding the right shade to match the rest of the house to avoid a chaotic appeal. Some people also like to match the colour of the wall with their furniture to make it neat and organised.

Quirky furniture might stand apart and ruin the aesthetic. One can choose standalone furniture only if one needs guests to notice it. Use regular seating to look gorgeous and plain, adorned with chick throw pillows with contrasting covers for the best looks. Ensure the shelves and cupboards are general shapes, not out of the ordinary.

Wall decor:

Here comes the tricky part. People tend to overly decorate their walls since most people have a generational load of pictures and wall hangings. Use minimalist decor in simple colours to avoid bright and unliked colours overpowering the room. Since one cannot lose a few wall hangings close to heart, like photo frames of family pictures and hand-drawn paintings, it is best to preserve them.

Use better frames and coordinate their colours for the perfect appearance—clutter most of these paintings or photos in one space to avoid colour throughout the room. Use ceiling hangings to drop to a specific height to add some jazz and avoid making the room dull/boring. It is best to find a solid wall colour instead of widespread patterns.


Lighting is the most creative part since it makes or breaks the room. The room must look as beautiful at night as it does in the day. Use golden wall-mounted lights to avoid the hassle of overly bright lights. They look chic and glamorous in any house.

Add a few white lights to use whenever necessary. For the perfect effect, one can find mini-chandeliers above a kitchen-top, the middle of the living room, or even the dining room. Lamps are perfect for minimal lighting and a beautiful glow during parties.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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