The Importance of Workplace Safety Videos

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Negosentro| The Importance of Workplace Safety Videos |In every organization, occupational safety is of paramount importance. In certain industries like construction, nuclear power, mining, energy, oil and gas, workers face constant exposure to harmful materials and environment. In recent years, more attention is being paid to this area. 

Some organizations use  industrial training sessions where different instructors educate the employees regarding safety procedures. But there can be inconsistency in learning methodology, as far as these videos are concerned, and videos can perpetuate visual impact of showcasing  rigid safety standards that are better absorbed by the human mind. So let us take a look at why workplace safety videos are so important.

Emphasizing the importance of safety training

In most cases, employees don’t take safety training very seriously, because they think it is just a statutory requirement. They don’t consider a training program to be particularly beneficial and think of it as just another organizational requirement. To get rid of this notion, you should make the employees understand, through visual examples revolving around, how safety training could come in handy for all of them individually.

Workplace safety videos offer the ideal opportunity to do just this. You can show real-life situations captured in videos presentations displaying  how not following safety norms has caused harm to employees. This is sure to have a subconscious effect on the minds of the employees who realize that they can ensure their safety by following safety protocols.

Imparting safety training from remote locations

Many companies have employees working from remote areas, and for them, workplace safety videos are a great way to learn about safety protocols. It is not practically possible to gather all these people inside a physical classroom and educate them about safety procedures. Since you can access video-based training from anywhere, and anytime at individuals’s convenience and discretion, it helps you solve this problem.

Visual Impact

Our minds perceive visuals more deeply than words. So while classroom training involves reiterating  the same things over and over again, videos achieve this in a matter of minutes. By conveying the message in a clearer fashion, they get rid of the confusion, as every little aspect of the safety procedures can be explained even to the most blunt person through workplace safety videos.

Increased Productivity

Since in videos, employees witness the repercussions of not following safety protocols, they clearly remember lessors. It takes much less effort to make a video than finding an expert trainer who can provide the lessons face-to-face. Through workplace safety videos, you can train your employees to conduct themselves in a certain manner, thus it is being perceived as a tool to stimulate  efficiency and productivity.

No language barrier

Today, many companies have offshore facilities and international staff that speak different languages. Through videos, you can impart safety training to these employees no matter what language they speak. Even a silent video can effectively demonstrate safety measures to the employees, thus breaking the language barrier. You can show how to handle certain equipment, for example, through signs, without speaking any language. Such videos can be universally understood.

Cost-effective safety training

It does not take much time or money to produce workplace safety videos. You can even shoot these videos using a smartphone. It is advisable that you don’t make the videos pretty lengthy, instead you can think of  creating multiple videos of short duration that explain different safety procedures to the employees. While arranging for classroom training is time-consuming and requires you to hire a professional, video training is easier to impart to a widespread  audience who are geographically far apart and spread across the globe. Above all, it attracts less cost than expert-led classroom training.  

Every employer should ensure a risk-free working environment for their employees, where they do not need to fear sickness and injuries. This can be achieved by the means of workplace safety videos , irrespective of the location and education level of the employees.


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