The Importance of Office Support Recruitment

The Importance of Office Support Recruitment 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| The Importance of Office Support Recruitment |Every successful organisation has a policy outlining how the recruitment process should be carried out. Such a system ensures that an unbiased and transparent process is carried out to hire the best and most productive candidates based on merit and the values, philosophies and goals of the company. 

Today, the most effective secretarial recruitment in London is done by recruitment agencies. At least 70 percent of job seekers apply for jobs they are not qualified for. A certified recruiter filters out such candidates and recommends only the best.

Access to Qualified Candidates

In the job market, there is never a one-size-fits-all. It takes a company resources, time and in-depth knowledge to work on different strategies to fetch the right candidate. Office admin recruitment London agencies have a better head start set up with:

  • Talent Pipeline: Job seekers register with agencies portraying a good reputation. A reputable agency should have an extensive network of skilled candidates.
  • Job Boards: Agencies recruit constantly and can negotiate great value and long-term contracts.
  • Passive Candidates: Passive candidates need to be approached with confidence and experience to persuade them to consider a job posting.

Market Knowledge

Niche office support recruiters keep up with market developments and current affairs. Such insight allows them to advise you on changes that might affect your job posting. They could, for instance, guide you on salary benchmarking. They know when there is a shortage and a surplus of candidates and how the numbers could affect the process. 

Better Branding

Office support recruiters understand the importance of branding and will represent you professionally throughout the process. They will brief the right candidate of the culture and the brand of your company. Should the candidate get a counter-offer from a different organisation, they have the right skills to persuade them to choose you. 

Saves Time

Recruitment agencies screen CVs, communicate with the candidates, initiate interviews and negotiate salaries, saving you the hassle of spending hours deciding who best fits the position. The adverts posted are usually professionally written using keyword candidates search. The advert is then posted on the website, social media and emailed to candidates giving the agency a chance to sift through hundreds of CVs. For administrative jobs such as receptionist recruitment, candidates have to be carefully vetted because many times, the CVs sent are often not relevant. 

Whether you are looking to fill an administrative vacancy or advertise a new role in your London organisation, consider using office support recruitment for all levels. A good agency should offer you a free rebate/replacement if the candidate fails to deliver in their role.