The Essential Boxing Equipment You Need When Training

The Essential Boxing Equipment You Need When Training | The Essential Boxing Equipment You Need When Training | Are you looking to get started with boxing? Whether you want a healthy way to let out some aggression or you’re looking for a great combination of cardio and strength training, boxing is ideal. In fact, boxing is practically a full-body workout, helping you become more agile and offering benefits for coordination, reflexes, balance, core strength, calorie-burning, and much more.

Another great thing about boxing is that it doesn’t take too much to get started with it. Both in terms of equipment and training sessions, you won’t need too much to really get into boxing. Of course, to truly master this combat sport will take time and dedication.

To get started with boxing, check out our equipment checklist below.

Why You Need the Correct Boxing Equipment When Training

It truly doesn’t take too much to get started with boxing, but you will need some gear to keep you and any training partners safe and in prime condition. The different boxing equipment you need can help you to refine your techniques, increase your strength and durability, and make sure you don’t injure yourself or someone else.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve boxed before, here is some of the equipment you will need.

10 Essential Pieces of Boxing Equipment to Prepare You for Training

  1. Boxing Gloves

If you’re going to box, the one piece of boxing equipment you will definitely need is a pair of gloves. It’s a no-brainer, and choosing your gloves doesn’t need to be difficult either.

Look for a glove that offers excellent comfort and a perfect fit to get the most from your training sessions. Training gloves are best for practising on bags, offering excellent strength while also protecting your hands. Later on down the track, you can also invest in sparring gloves for competition.

  1. Hand Wraps

Boxing gloves offer you a degree of protection while you’re sparring or training, but you should also be wearing hand wraps. Hand wraps do a better job of protecting all the bones in your hands, ensuring you can safely train at your hardest. Hand wraps can also protect your boxing gloves, helping to extend their product life.

  1. Punching BagsPunching Bags

Now that your hands are ready to punch, you need something to hit. A good punching bag should be in any beginner boxer’s toolkit.

There are many types of punching bags that offer different benefits while you train. For example, you can get speed punching bags for rapid strikes, double-ended bags for combinations and technique, or heavy-duty fat punching bags. Other punching bags available include freestanding bags, tilt bags, maize bags, and horizontal punching bags.

  1. Speed Balls

Speed balls are another great piece of boxing equipment, especially for beginner boxers. This is in part because speed balls come at you fast, helping to improve your confidence before you step into the ring for real.

From hand-eye coordination to fitness, footwork, and of course, speed, there are many benefits you can enjoy when training on a speed ball. 

  1. Boxing Pads and MittsBoxing Pads and Mitts

When you’re training with a partner, boxing pads and boxing mitts are exactly what you need. Invest in high-quality pads and mitts so you can enjoy complete comfort and excellent durability when you’re training together.

With boxing pads and mitts, you and your training partner can swap roles throughout the session, either being the one wearing the gloves or the one behind the pad, shield, paddle, or mitts. 

  1. Striking Sticks 

Striking sticks are another piece of boxing equipment that you can use with a partner or coach. Training drills with striking sticks are a bit more dynamic compared to those with pads or mitts. The training partner or coach moves the striking sticks in various patterns while the boxer responds. This is great for practising evasion, head movement, accuracy, speed, hand-eye coordination, and precise movement.

  1. Head and Mouth Protection

When you’re training with a partner in a live boxing scenario, protection is paramount. You should be looking for light and comfortable head guards that offer optimal protection. Head guards come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. Some are leather, some feature chin straps, and they offer varying levels of protective covering for your face. Try on a few and find the one that works best for you.

Boxing mouthguards are also essential for protecting your mouth, teeth and gums. You can get mouthguards in a range of sizes, starting at boxing mouthguards for children.

  1. Chest and Groin Protection

This is another must-have for training sessions when you’re sparring with another person. Some of the boxing protectors available to you include groin pads, belly pads, and reversible chest guards. 

  1. Boxing ShoesBoxing Shoes

You don’t strictly need boxing shoes for training, but they will help you look the part and offer a wide range of benefits for those who do wear them. High-quality boxing shoes and boxing boots offer excellent foot and ankle support, extra grip and stability, as well as breathability for increased comfort.

If you’re going to buy boxing shoes, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more for added durability and a longer-lasting shoe. 

  1. Sports Bags

You’ve got all your boxing equipment; now you just need somewhere to store it all. Of course, you’re not going to take a punching bag everywhere with you, but a sports bag is perfect for all your other gear. You can store and transport your gloves, mitts, clothing and apparel, accessories, and much more.

Shop Now for All the Boxing Equipment You Need

The items above will be more than enough to get you started, but there’s plenty of other items you might be interested in too. Skipping ropes and speed ropes are a great addition to any boxing collection, while a cap is a great way to rep your love for the sport. You might also be interested in purchasing boxing kits that combine some of the essentials you need in one package.

When shopping for boxing equipment, look for gear from brands and suppliers you can trust. For example, adidas combat sports equipment is a great place to start, and shopping with an official adidas martial arts and combat sports supplier will offer you complete peace of mind.

Now that you have all this advice, it’s time to step into the ring and buy the boxing equipment you need.

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