The Consumer Journey

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Companies must understand the consumer journey in order to succeed at marketing their products. In the modern digital era, users increase their role in the consumer journey. All users begin to change from the customer’s decision making process to the end of the purchaser’s procurement process, allowing users to get information and immediate product evaluation.

A well-planned digital marketing strategy will help guide the direction. A consumer’s journey is also called a customer’s journey. The aim of customer travel for marketers is to create a seamless and personalized experience through multiple channels (email, mobile, social, advertising, networking). The word consumer means a lot. Consumers can be patients, customers, fans, fans, audiences, shoppers, employees, and even stakeholders. The phrase of consumer travel can refer to B2C and B2B world relationships and can include cross-channel experiences as well as departments within a company or organization. Consumer campaigns begin with the launch of the product or service. It’s all in our textbooks and articles. However, the journey begins with the brand new date.

Before the start of the customer, the company or buyer will continue to develop the relationship and continue to work on the buyer’s decision-making process. It’s very important to develop and develop on all channels on your brand’s brand identity and on all contact points. For example, suppose someone logs in to a website and shows ads. Perhaps he reads it briefly and does not care about it. Customer travel goes through a series of interactions to communicate with each client. Planned quantitative marketing strategies can help. Consumer travel is also called a journey of travelers. The purpose of the passenger to travel with the client is to create a unified, individualized experience through email, mobile, social networks, advertising and network through multiple channels.

Over the past few decades, it has shown tremendous growth in ways that may occur. advertising boards, bus advertising, website and online advertising. As a result, the number of users has been increasing, which has led to a wide range of marketing methods and brand recognition. The user’s roadblocks have made it easier for companies to adjust to changing times. Businessmen (B2B) or businessmen (B2C) businesses recognize that the importance of their social network and their role is not only brand marketing but also business development. As of July 2018, the number of active social networks reached 3.3 billion, with 3.1 billion mobile phones and mobile phones able to access the platform. According to the second quarter of 2018, Facebook ranks among all platforms with 2.23 billion active users. This is the first platform that exceeds one billion users. So what is a consumer’s journey? This is not just the moment of purchase or experience of a particular purchase. Crowd conceptually expresses customers’ experiences from listening and reviewing brands and products for the first time to buying and purchasing again. Through innovation, communication, or offering and promotion, this insight can also be used to cause the greatest (positive) confusion. With the evolution of consumer travel, companies have adapted to changes in the times.

Various Companies

For B2B companies and B2C companies, most companies are aware of the importance of social media. This is important not only for brand marketing but also for business development. As of July 2018, there were 3.3 billion active social media users, with nearly 3.1 billion users accessing the platform using mobile phones and gadgets. As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook has outpaced all platforms with 2.223 billion active users each month. It is also the first platform beyond 1 billion users.

Marketers facilitating consumer journeys plan a series of interactions to communicate with each client. Planned quantitative marketing strategies can help. The new consumer’s journey is more complicated. In today’s digital age, consumers are almost always bombarded by information. Not only that, they are increasingly taking control of their journey. When consumers can immediately access information and product reviews, the journey from consumer decision-making process to consumer purchasing begins to change.

A smart and successful brand has customized the news in a new way, that is, directly to consumers. These brands have every step of a consumer’s journey from participation awareness to purchase, recommendation, and repeated purchase. How did you do? Their message is about not only the product but also the experience, and why is it important to the target consumer?

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