The Common Challenges with Water Heaters

The Common Challenges with Water Heaters hotwater

Negosentro | The Common Challenges with Water Heaters | The market is flooded with numerous water heater repair servicemen. Every professional operating in the market claims to render the best services. But the fact remains that there is a little percentage of providers who are competent enough to execute complicated plumbing smoothly. When a homeowner is hunting for water heater repair Houston, Texas offers excellent residential plumbing solutions. There are so many problems that are associated with water heaters that need to be addressed.

Water leakage is the prime issue

One of the most common problems found in a water heater is leakage. As years will pass by, eventually a water heater will show signs of leaking and other plumbing-related issues. Water corrodes tanks and eventually creates microscopic cracks which cause leakages from water heaters. When the leaks appear from the top of the tank, it is an indication that there is a water loose connection. Furthermore, when the leaks are visible from the bottom, thermostat adjustments need to be done. A water heater needs to be replaced immediately if there is an overflowing pressure relief valve or pipes.

Too cold or too hot water

Often people complaint to have inconsistent water temperatures in their heaters. Despite the right thermostat adjustments, the water is either too hot or too cold. This is a clear indication that the thermostat of the water heater is having problems. The plumber diagnoses whether it requires a total replacement or simple fixing so that the temperatures can function properly again. When the water is excessively cold, it indicates the problem with an insufficient gas flow.

Absence of hot water

When the heater lacks the presence of hot water, it is a clear indication of a heat source issue. In the case of electric water heaters, it means there might be an error in the electrical connection. Moreover, with the gas water heater, this means the presence of a faulty pilot light or a bad gas connection. It is up to the plumber to decide whether the water heater can be fixed and ignited again with the proper connection. While considering water heater repair Houston, Texas doesn’t disappoint the homeowners with professional experts.

Low hot water pressure

Old buildings have been using the standard ½” plumbing for years, and this turns out to be the biggest disadvantage. This means there is low water pressure imparted to the water heater, which in turn means the hot water pressure is also low. Perhaps the only way to come out of the challenging situation is to undergo a complete repiping, which is not an easy task. Properties with modern plumbing can easily increase water pressure by keeping a check on the water inlet valve and also not letting sink aerators become clogged.


The above-mentioned are some of the most common issues faced by water heaters. To address such situations, hiring a professional plumber is the best option. While one is considering water heater repair Houston, Texas, offers myriad options for homeowners. The plumbers incorporate the latest tools and equipment in repairing water heaters.


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