The Changing Face of HR: Talent Management Going Hi-Tech

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The Changing Face of HR: Talent Management Going Hi-Tech | The “face” of human resources (HR)—somewhat ironically—is changing. Nowadays, the first encounter with HR is more than likely to be an online platform rather than a person. Just about every organization by now has driven in automated, universal access to HR services via technology and Internet-based applications.

HR is evolving into a more technology-based profession

The practice of HR management is changing dramatically, most notably out of the need to reduce costs while expanding or ameliorating services. HR executives are delving into artificial intelligence (AI) as a key agent of change for HR operations, and also looking to improve key processes.

New research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has revealed that implementing sophisticated HR technology tools increasingly allows companies to out-perform their rivals. HR management is therefore becoming a technology-based profession aimed at streamlining HR processes and narrowing administrative burdens.

Benefits of “e-HR”

Some of the benefits of “e-HR” include lessening compliance costs, competing more constructively for talent globally, boosting service and access to data for employees and managers, and delivering real-time data to assist decision-making. In short, e-HR involves a transformation to HR becoming a more strategic cog in any business.

Many businesses have already automated basic HR administration, but must now determine how to deploy new Web-based technology to transform their HR practices and steady their HR brand.

Single platform or integrated solution

This is not easily done, and SHRM advises that the first step is to determine whether to opt for a single platform or an integrated solution, like Introducing multiple smaller systems—or “best of breed” solutions—is also an option, but the huge selection of vendors and variety of products on the market can be overwhelming.

The point is that the sooner the transformation is begun, the better, and once your organization has settled on tech as part of an overall HR strategy, many options open up. SHRM suggests using external vendors is typically more cost effective and economical than trying to develop the technology in-house.

The concern that personal relationships between an organization’s employees may dim are real, and, what’s more, HR staff may be trimmed. e-HR demands a sea-change in the way HR professionals view their roles. For one thing, HR departments now face the daunting task of mastering the new technological interventions in addition to the traditional HR skills and knowledge.

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