The Challenges of Proving Workplace Harassment

The Challenges of Proving Workplace Harassment
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Negosentro | The Challenges of Proving Workplace Harassment | Proving harassment, let alone harassment in general, isn’t always easy. Sometimes your harasser denies what they’ve done. Other times, the individual you’re reporting the harassment to might not believe you and say they need proof of the incidence(s). Below are just some of the many challenges surrounding providing workplace harassment.

Difficulty Collecting Evidence

Some acts of workplace harassment are subtle, making it hard to collect evidence for. Not to mention, it can be difficult for a victim to know when to collect evidence as they don’t always know when the next time they will be harassed will be. Verbal comments here and there are harder to collect evidence for than, say, harassing emails.

To top it off, victims may find it difficult to slyly pull out a camera to record physical or verbal harassment, for worry that their harasser will see and halt the harassment while being recorded. Of course, this is a harasser’s way to try to keep the bullying on the down low to avoid getting in trouble.

Fear of Retaliation from Harasser

One of the biggest reasons victims refrain from reporting workplace harassment is fear of retaliation. They may keep hush-hush about their harassment. If they have evidence to prove the harassment, they may never turn it in or even delete it (especially if their harasser forces them to). The last thing they may want is to be considered a “tattletale.”

While a harasser may retaliate by continuing the harassment or even harassing worse, with good solid evidence, your workplace bully may be let go permanently. Workplace harassment is more serious than one might imagine as it can create a negative work environment and impact the output of work.

Worry About Losing Their Job

Every employee wishes to avoid as much drama as possible at work. Nobody wants to have a bad reputation at their workplace or to be disliked by their co-workers or higher-ups. Some might fear that their boss will terminate them for complaining about workplace harassment or see them in a negative light, making things awkward going forward.

In reality, workplace harassment is completely unacceptable and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Letting it continue will only escalate things and create an even more toxic workplace. And what you may not know is that it is illegal to be fired for reporting legitimate workplace harassment.

It’s true that it can be hard to prove workplace harassment. However, worry less about collecting usable evidence, potential retaliation, and job loss when you get professional legal help for your harassment at work. Workplace investigations lawyers Sydney can offer a simplified and organized way to overcome the challenges surrounding tackling workplace harassment.


It’s unfortunate that workplace harassment can be difficult to prove. However, it’s understandable. Sometimes people wrongfully pull the victim card against a co-worker they don’t like. The good news is, there are ways you can successfully prove a legitimate case of workplace harassment, which often starts with getting legal help.

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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