The Brighter Side of Having a Bad Boss

The -Brighter-Side-of-Having-a-Bad-Boss, positive-side-of-bad-bosses, life-lessons-learned-from-bad-bosses

Mary Rae Floresca |

We all had or still have “bad bosses.” We know the struggle. However, it wouldn’t hurt to realize the brighter side of having a bad boss, right? Here are the simple reasons why.

1. Excellent Documentation

There would be problems at work wherein everyone is involved, even your boss; but sometimes, even if the boss is involved and may be responsible for the mishap, he blames you. Anyone can turn to you and question your integrity. This situation teaches you to do excellent documentation at work. Every e-mail and documents that go through you, save it and always do have backups. Ask help from your IT department. Proper documentation in the office will have less errors and important information are well-documented as basis when the need arises.

2. Leadership Skills

You can enhance your leadership skills when your boss is not that hands-on in managing your department. You may have supervisors that may be boss in paper but doesn’t lead in projects. At most times, you should learn how to take over and do not be dependent with your boss. Take control in organizing your projects, since you’re not expecting that much help from your boss, you might just master multi-tasking as well.

3. Creativity

Since you wouldn’t expect too much from your supervisor, you just learn to just do your job. When you do not have time wait for your boss’ decision, you exercise on being independent and resourceful. You learn to be innovative. The next time other departments will be needing you, and on your performance evaluation, for sure they know that you are reliable.

4. Excellent working relationships

With the lack of guidance of your boss, you learn to value close working relationships with your colleagues. You all have less attention from the management, thus, you only have each other when the need arises. Sometimes, employees resign because of the environment, but this time, because of good relationships with your colleagues, you stay and get by with them.

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