The Best Functional Wall Design Ideas Of 2022

The Best Functional Wall Design Ideas Of 2022

Negosentro | The Best Functional Wall Design Ideas Of 2022 | We’re always looking for ways to improve our homes. Sometimes through DIY, a decorative change, or maybe you’re looking for more sustainable ways to live? When we’re looking to update or improve, we must work with the space we’ve got – this could mean using a design radiator to heat your room and having it double up as a piece of art or using mirrors to make the space bright and airy. Here are a few ideas for functional wall designs for 2022.


Have you ever thought about making your radiator a centrepiece? Radiators are often regarded as necessary but the traditional, white style that we’re all used to makes them forgettable. There is a variety of radiators available to us from convector radiators to chrome radiators, with bright colours, textures, and designs making it possible for us to have them front and centre in our homes. If you’ve got a wall space you’re looking to fill, a designer radiator can make a real statement. Chrome radiators are polished and modern and can pack a punch when mounted. If you’re following a specific theme or colour, choosing a coloured radiator can add a dash of your personality into a room. 


Mounted shelves are a great way to save on floor space when it comes to storage. You can choose from floating shelves for a minimalist look, or you could choose a box-style shelf with as many components as you need. With shelves, you can expand your wall when necessary, adding to it if you need more space, for example, if you’re showing off your book collection. Shelves are functional but can also add to the aesthetic of the room. As well as housing your books, you could add ornaments, vases, anything that you think would look good. 


You could use mirrors as a wall design to create an illusion of more space in a room. Adding a large mirror can help to bounce natural light around a space, filling it with a light and airy atmosphere. There are a variety of mirrors that you could choose depending on your personal style. If you’re looking to fill a wall in a living room, maybe something ornate or frame would suit? Or if you’re looking to add to your bedroom, a wider, full-length mirror could come in handy. Mirrors serve their function but also help a room to look complete. 

Tiled chimney breast 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, it doesn’t come much bolder than this. A lot of homes have a hearth, even with or without a fire. Some can look quite plain but are a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. Tiling your hearth with bright coloured or patterned tiles can help to update a somewhat older feature in our homes. If you’re feeling like you need to go even further, tiling your chimney breast up to the ceiling can create a stunning effect and will certainly be the main feature of any room. 

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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