The best educational technology companies and start-ups

The best educational technology companies and start-ups Why You Should Consider Finishing Your Masters Degree Online 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro.comThe best educational technology companies and start-ups | The diffusion of technology into education is in the right trajectory for a more inclusive and better future. Using technology in education will go a long way in making learning fun, streamlined, and easier. Besides this, the education technology market is full of innovative products. Brand new educational start-ups are customizing their products to resonate with eventual end-users on an individual level. This article is written with the assistance of writers who offer research paper help. It explores the top 20 education technology start-ups and companies to look for in 2021.

The best education technology companies


It is the biggest education technology company, founded in Washington in the year 1997. The objective of the company is to help teachers deliver quality education.


It started as Think & Learn Pvt Ltd in the year 2011, in Bengaluru, India. It focuses mainly on science and maths for the K-12 section of school education.

Teachers pay teachers

It is a fantastic company in education technology, founded in New York City, in the year 2006. It links teachers, thus enabling them to share study materials.

Dreambox Learning

It is an exciting and intuitive online learning platform for eLearning. It makes use of Adaptive learning technology to support the learning of mathematics.


It is currently the largest education technology company globally, headquartered in Mountain View, California. It has succeeded in connecting students with over 150 Universities globally.


This company caters to the teaching community by helping educators to develop new courses besides allotting assignments. It is in Utah, Salt Lake City.


Knewton is an advanced educational technology company that specializes in adaptive learning. Students get to understand their weaknesses and strength. It helps students develop intellect in the subject.


This App operates in three distinct domains. Students get a chance to access subject matter materials and digital notes. Students can opt for virtual tutoring on this platform.


DonorsChoose is an innovative and distinct educational technology company offering priority to practical skills learning. Donors fund students for their projects.


Simplilearn offers professional courses in the field of education. Besides content delivery, this platform also gives certification after completion of the course.

Top eLearning start-ups

Zen Educate

Zen Educate makes use of education technology to helps educational institutions to hire quality teachers. It helps educational institutions to avoid paying a commission fee.


Torsh is an innovative education technology company to bring quality education to students. Educators can impart skills that bring improvement to students.


This company is the most widespread in education technology. It focuses on English lessons by linking North American educators.

Guild Education

This company assists professional employees to further their studies while still working. It means that this company comes to the aid of employees.


It is the fastest growing educational technology company with a client base of approximately 300,000 students. The company facilitates video lessons of all subjects to students of all ages.

A Cloud Guru

It is an emerging educational technology company. It offers an educational platform for IT personnel. It imparts skills to learners on cloud technology.

4.0 Schools

4.0 Schools start-up entered the market with an innovative concept. It offers in-service training to leaders and upcoming CEOs virtually.


Applyboard is fast gaining traction from other start-ups. The company enables students globally to acquire education in North America.


This company has experience in eLearning and teaching mathematics in schools. Her eLearning prowess is at the top, thanks to skillful teachers.

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