The Benefits Of Having A Toll-Free Number For Your Business

The Benefits Of Having A Toll-Free Number For Your Business
Credit: | A toll-free number starts with three digits like 888, 800, 844, and the like that most people are familiar with. Consider having a toll-free number for your business as an investment, not an expense. Although you’ll certainly pay for some fees, your toll-free number can help your business in many ways. 

By having a toll-free number, you can have these benefits for your business:

  1. Personalize Your Number

Isn’t it perfect to let your customers easily remember your number? Well, you can do so by using a custom or vanity toll free number. Instead of using a complicated number, which is hard to memorize, use your brand name on your toll-free number. 

For instance, a 1-800-COFFEE is much easier to remember and dial. Or, if you want a much easier toll-free number, you can simply use 1-800-1111 or numbers you want to customize as your number. 

When you personalize your number, you let your customers easily reach out to your business as they can remember your number easily. Also, personalizing your number gives a professional look for your business. Thus, more customers will engage as they know you’re credible just by knowing you have a toll-free number.

  1. Use It As A Marketing Tool

When you have set up your vanity toll-free number, you can use it as a marketing tool. While there are a lot of ways to market your business, posting your numbers allows customers to reach your business. Since you’re also using a vanity toll-free number, you’re also promoting your brand name. 

Moreover, you can attract more leads to your business since they can call your business for free. This means that since toll-free numbers don’t charge your customers, they’re likely to dial your number. Especially when you’re in a food service since some people order their food on a delivery service who are more accessible.  

Also, your toll-free number can go national, which opens the opportunity to expand your target audience. Your business will even seem significant since a toll-free number can also reach out internationally.

Most importantly, you can track your client as toll-free numbers can record the location and name of the caller. Thus, you can call them in return to ask for feedback or offer them promos and new products.

  1. Satisfy Your Customers

Since your toll-free number can keep your caller’s information, you can call them to clarify things up. Especially when you have a recording system to monitor the calls you receive, you can do the following to satisfy your customers:

  • Call your customers and apologize on behalf of your employees. This happens when your employee may have been rude or unprofessional to the customer. Instead of doing nothing, which can leave a bad impression, initiate a call. This way, your customers will feel important as you’re making up for your employees’ fault.
  • When one of your employees weren’t able to provide your customer with the answer they’re looking for. A record of their number allows your managers or other employees to get back on the customer. By answering or solving your customer’s issues, they’ll probably want to avail more of your services. 
  • Lastly, you can let your customers feel valued when you call them and inform them of your latest products. Or, if you also have personal information, like birth dates, use this time to send a greeting while offering a product discount as a birthday present. This strategy is best for keeping your loyal customers happy as you give them attention, too,
  1. Use the Same Number When Relocating

When you’ve established your business and built a large number of customers, you may not consider relocating because of fear. You may fear that your business clients will fade when you go to another state or country. But, you can eliminate this when you have a toll-free number. 

As mentioned, toll-free numbers are national and can even extend internationally. That’s why leaving your current office for a better location shouldn’t be a problem because your clients can still reach you. Even when you’re in another place, your customers can still call your toll-free number.


You can get a lot of benefits from using a toll-free number. The mentioned above are just some of the few. Whether you want your business to reach a large number of audiences or improve your customer service, do so with your toll-free number. 

Lastly, a toll-free number allows you to retain your customers wherever you want to expand your business. 

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