The Bazket is more than just an online store but a community


Irene Tria | Negosentro

Nowadays, home grown brands are getting much attention compared to those imported products available commercially. Multinational corporations believe that local businesses can grab market share in their regional economies, and potentially, end up going global themselves.

According to Marty Huggins, editor of, local brands are more trusted and work best because they contribute to the local economy.

Last June 8, the newest one-of-a-kind online venture and community officially launches at the Warehouse Eight, Makati City.

The Bazket combines the creative feature of the bazaar and the reliable nature of the market creating a unique start-up where handmade and hard-to-find products from home grown brands are sold online.

Their platform offers the functional, the essential, and the artisanal from an exclusive circle of collaborators. They range from gifted and talented artisans who make sure that each of their products are works of art to individuals who want to share their experiences in form of their home grown brands.


Carefully crafted, sifted and packaged, these goods fall under eight different categories to reflect the collaborators personal lifestyle:

Al Fresco – flowers, plants and green goods for your backyard or your balcony.

The Bazket
Terrabulb – unique moss terrarium inside a light bulb is ZERO-MAINTENANCE

Wardrobe – selection of clothes in the minimalist style brought by basic cuts and quality fabrics.

Travel Trove – travel goods and finds around the different corners of the world.

Home Goods – features choice furniture, fixtures and home decors.

The Bazket
Resin Magnets

Enhancements – objects that makes every day more special: watches, electronics and the like.

The Bazket
Tool Kit Bag
The Bazket
Sweeney Bag

Accessories – bracelets, necklaces, rings and other pretty baubles.

Think Tank – writing instruments and paper products.

The Bazket

Definitely, The Bazket is more than just online store but a community that is #UniquelyBetterTogether. Aside from promoting home grown brands, the venture also advocates in protecting the environment by supporting eco-friendly ways of delivering goods. They are in partners with the Mensaheros that uses mountain bikes to deliver packages around Metro Manila.

The Bazket is not actually just an e-commerce. What we are building is a community, a family of independent artisans. We want to uplift Filipino products into a global brand. -Ivan, 1/2 of The Bazket

The Bazket
The Bazket’s Ivan and Jec

I’m calling all home grown brands to stand with each other and continue all efforts to promote local goods. Whether you’re getting a gift for yourself or for your special someone, always remember that there are home grown goods at par with all our favorites imported brands. – Jec, the other half of The Bazket



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