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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Balustrades

Negosentro.comGlass balustrades can add a modern and attractive flare to any balcony, deck, or staircase. Glass railings provide deck owners a great view of their outdoor living space and are very safe for little children as well as for pets. Most of the glass balustrades designs have very little space in between each panel, so little feet, hands or heads can’t get stuck in between.

glass-balustrade 3However, if you are not sure whether you want to install a glass railing or not, you are in the right place. Here you can get all the information you need about installing glass railings, including all the advantages and disadvantages that go along with this decision.   

glass-balustradeAdvantages of glass railings

Glass railings are one of the most beautiful and most expensive railing systems and there are many reasons why. Here are some important advantages listed, that will help you make the right decision for your deck.

  • Lower maintenance

Compared to hardwood railings, glass balustrades don’t need to be treated, stained, or painted to maintain their durability. This is a very important advantage because decks are exposed to a lot of sun, rain and other weather conditions that can damage balustrades made out of wood materials but not balustrades made out of glass.

The only thing that glass railings require is regular cleaning with water and soap.

  • High visual appeal

Glass railings offer a modern look and are considered as the “gold standard” when it comes to a high aesthetic visual appeal. Glass balustrades make sure your view remains unobstructed and preserved so you can enjoy your view. This, of course, is only true if you choose a transparent glass for your railing.  

  • Durability

Glass panels don’t corrode when exposed to water or other weather conditions. Most of the glass balustrades are made out of thick tempered glass, which means that they won’t crack, break or get damaged due to day to day stressors. If you are looking for deck railings with high durability and low maintenance, glass railings are probably an amazing option for you.  

  • Design versatility

Another important advantage of glass balustrades is that they appear very neat and finished. This gives you the freedom of designing your patio more versatile without looking cluttered.

  • Highly customizable

Glass railings are highly customizable. If you wish to have more privacy, you can choose frosted panels. If you are looking for high visibility, transparent glass panels are probably the ideal choice for you. Glass railings come in various different designs, so you have a great variety to choose from to find the perfect glass balustrades for your individual needs. 

Disadvantages of glass railings

Just like anything else, glass railings do have some small disadvantages that you should know about before making a decision.

  • Price

Glass railing systems are more expensive than other standard decks made from compound materials. If you read all the advantages of glass railings, you will know why.

Glass balustrades have a lot to offer and are definitely worth the higher price. The price though varies based on the size, design and installation method you choose.

  • Greenhouse effect

In some cases, glass panels can create a greenhouse effect on your deck or patio. If your deck is exposed to a lot of sun, glass panels can make the entire space warmer during hot summer day. For people who don’t enjoy the sun and heat that much, this could be uncomfortable.

  • Cleaning

Glass railings require less maintenance than wooden deck railings and have a high durability. However, you probably will need to clean the glass panels regularly to keep them nice and fingerprint free. Since the glass panels will be exposed to different weather conditions, regular cleaning will be essential to keep them look their best. Of course, that also depends on how spotless you want your glass balustrade to be.

Choose a railing that makes you happy!

To decide whether glass railings are the best choice for you or not, definitely needs some consideration.