The 7 Best Twitter Accounts For Android Fans


You’ve probably heard that who you surround yourself with matters. Family, friends, and even work colleagues impact what you do and how successful you are. As an Android fan looking to maximize their Galaxy S9 experience, don’t overlook Twitter as you’re curating the people you need in your life. You check your feed way more often than you ever check in with your friends IRL, and some of these accounts have important information regarding your new smartphone.

As an Android fan, you have a duty to unfollow the accounts who don’t serve you. (Cough, Apple, cough). Follow only the accounts that will help you discover more about your phone. These seven users are a good way to start mainlining all the Android info you could need.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) is an American YouTuber who’s best known for his tech review videos.  This NYC-based web video producer has the finger on the pulse of Android-related content, and he’s constantly posting about the latest news and gadgets regarding your fav phone manufacturers.

All work and no play would make Marques a dull boy, so he spices it up by posting about his current earworm ( it’s Filet Mignon ), local NY events, and random interesting facts to keep things interesting.

Samsung Mobile

Don’t be fooled by the fake Galaxy accounts. If it doesn’t have the little blue check mark beside the name, it’s 100% a scam artist trying to get you to click a strange link. Luckily, the blue check mark is next to @SamsungMobile’s name, signalling it’s Samsung’s official account. Following this account can help you keep up to date with all the latest upgrades and releases coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


If you haven’t already outfitted your S9 with a skin, then it’s time you enter the world of protected personalization by following @dbrand. Their decals, or skins as they call them, offer unlimited customization and unrivalled precision in a beautiful package that shows off premium textures for a variety of devices— the S9 being one of them. A follow means you’ll be aware of the next time they decide to drop a new texture — just like how their followers got the head’s up when they released their black camo Galaxy skin in the spring.  Once you see how amazing their feed looks, you’ll want to check out these Galaxy S9 Plus skins to see how you can customize your favourite handset.

Jessica Dolcourt

@jdolcourt is better known as Jessica Dolcourt — the cellphone reviews editor for CNET. Her Twitter is an authority when it comes to Android news. Her feed is full of industry bits and bobs that always provide an interesting read. She’s also a source of need-to-know info on your S9 and the future of the Galaxy line. In the past, she’s shown things like how you can disable Galaxy notifications or potential patents suggesting Samsung might be trying out a biometric camera soon.

Romain Guy

Romain Guy isn’t a handle but the real name of an Android engineer working for Google. He shares his favorite app-of-the-day while posting about ARCore (or Google’s development platform) and his professional observations about the industry.

Gina Trapani

Everyone on this list is an expert in their field. However, their accomplishments pale in comparison to Gina Trapani’s resume. Few people can rival Trapani’s success as the founder of Lifehacker, the co-host of the This Week in Google podcast, and a general software developer. Her Twitter feed reflects her varied interests and her specialist’s understanding of the Android world. Once you follow her, try listening to her podcast to keep up to date on all the hottest Google gossip.

Your Android doesn’t have to be a stranger — get to know your phone a little better by surrounding yourself with Android specialists. Start by following these seven accounts on Twitter. From the official Samsung account to a CNET editor, these accounts will help you discover more about your S9.

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