The 2019 guide of what to wear in the office

Secret Weapon office wear

As we all know, offices aren’t what they used to be. No, we’re not referring to the open plan spaces that the vast majority have seemingly been transformed into, but today we are referring to what office workers wear.

If we were to turn back the clock a couple of decades, shirts and ties were the norm (and in some offices, this applied to both sexes). Well, times have changed, and casual attire is much more normal – much to the delight of the scores of people who work in offices around the country.

However, there is still a fine balance to be had. After all, you are at work, and donning a pair of low-waist pants just isn’t going to work. As such, let’s mull over some of the best tips that you can implement to crush modern-day office style.

It still all starts with the shoes

We don’t need to remind you with the famous quote about shoes, and how men “should” be judged by them. Whether or not this is true will be left for another day, but something that we can confirm is that paying attention to this area of your outfit can make a monumental difference to the way in which people perceive you.

In a lot of modern-day offices, trainers have suddenly become in. As such, as long as they aren’t the type that are falling apart, don’t be afraid of donning them. Of course, for those of you who want even more substance, consider these Chelsea boots by Dune to help you along your way.

The mix and match strategy

If we were to pinpoint one downside of the relaxed office wear approach it’s that it can sometimes be hard to think of what to wear.

After all, with the shirt and tie approach it was easy, every single day. Now, a little more thought is required.

So, the solution? It’s something of a mix and match approach. Try and purchase several pairs of pants, and the same with jackets, and just try and interchange them. The basis of your outfit is the same, but with different colours and fabrics you can make yourself look different every day.

Never try and “get away with it”

With these casual office environments, it can sometimes be tempting to try and “get away with it”. In other words, push the boundaries.

It might be wearing a t-shirt that has a slightly eyebrow-raising message, or even a shade that turns heads (sometimes for the wrong reasons).

Well, if you do feel as though you might be pushing these limits, stop. You want to make the best impression possible at work, and these risqué manoeuvres just aren’t going to go down well with the masses.

You are still allowed to dress formal

Just because a dress code is advertised as relaxed, it doesn’t mean to say that you can throw away all of your formalwear.

In fact, there are probably umpteen occasions you can turn to this. If you are in a client-servicing industry, it goes without saying that you’ll be wanting to look your best when meetings take place. It’s in these instances where you can still wear your formal clothes, but potentially use accessories to spice up your appearance and make it fall back in-line with the rest of the office.