Technical SEO: Everything You Need to Know About It

Technical SEO: Everything You Need to Know About ItFinding The Right SEO Firm For Your Business London Search Marketing Consultants seo business SEO Optimized Article

Tommy Jones, Negosentro | Technical SEO: Everything You Need to Know About It | Search engines are evolving at a rate beyond comprehension. Now, every business has to be on top of technology and its latest advancements to stay alive in the competition. This leads to the need of the hour which will be on the first page of search results in Google. 

For the search results on Google, if your website is in the second position, the chances of website visits is reduced. If you are on the third number or more, hardly anyone sees your ad. In such situations, SEO plays a major role.

In the world of SEO, Technical SEO is like the structure of a skyscraper. It’s not that apparent, but it is the one that keeps the entire facade upright. As per Digital agency Toronto, Technical SEO is the foundation of any marketing campaign’s success in SERPs.

To make it clear, let’s start with the basics and know more on WhatsMySERP blog.

What is SERP?

Search Engine Result Pages are the web pages shown to the users when they request results for a query or keywords. Most websites want to appear on the first page because the chances for a user to browse to the next one, even the second-page is quite minimal. 

Most of the search engines are evolved to factor in things like search history, cookies, and caches, location, etc. This means, even for the same keyword, you may end up with different SERP’s.

There are organic results and paid results in SERP. Organic results appear as a result of search engine algorithms, which found out that the content of these websites matches the requests of the user. Everyone wants to be on that list. Not just anywhere in the list but right at the top. The front page, at least.

Paid results are an entirely different thing. They are the first few results in bold lettering that will have an ‘Ad’ mark on their side. It’s like bribing your way to the top.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of prepping your website for ranking higher in the SERP.  There are three types of SEO practices. 

All these aspects work holistically to help your website rank higher in SERP.

On-Page SEO mainly focuses on the content and the page structure of your website. Writing SEO friendly content with a lot of Keywords and hyperlinks, adding valuable content which will increase the time spent on your page, etc. will help your website get more visibility.

Off-Page SEO refers to the promotional activities you can do to increase the visibility of your webpage. The most common promotional activity is putting up ads on Google for certain keywords related to your website’s content.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is everything you have to do to your website’s structure to make it more SEO friendly. It does not meddle with the actual content of the website but with its infrastructure.

To be precise, Technical SEO makes your website more accessible for search engine algorithms to ‘Index’ and ‘Crawl.’

Even if you have well-curated and structured content optimized for best results, your page may not perform well in SERP. This happens because the Technical SEO of your site is messed up. Search engines have to find, index, and crawl through your pages to identify what’s in it and rank it accordingly for the user. 

This doesn’t mean if the Technical SEO of your site is a magic wand. Apart from finding, Indexing, and crawling, your site needs to be loading quick, secure for the user, multiple devices friendly, and should not have pirated content.

How to Manage Technical SEO?

Managing the Technical SEO is crucial when it comes to the performance of your website in SERP. If the Technical SEO of your site has some problems, then no matter what you do with your content, it may never end up on the first page of SERP.  

So, it is important to work on the Technical SEO to maximize your visibility and make your efforts on SEO reach its potential.

How to Improve SERP?

The problem with SERP is that if you want objective info about your page’s SERP performance, it’s nearly impossible to get that from the search engine on your device. This happens because your device’s search engine will be optimized for your search history and geographical location. 

If you can improve the results by doing some simple hacks like clearing your browsing history, clearing cookies and caches, opening new pages of the browser, etc. Even switching to incognito mode will also help to a certain point. But following all these steps are time-consuming and will lead to a lot of inconveniences later on.

In such cases, you can use a SERP API. It’s a tool designed to curate SERP in a way to help you get important info about your page’s SEO performance. API’s like WhatsMySERP even have a free trial period.  

Using a SERP API will save you time and help you develop the SEO strategy with accurate info about your website.

To Sum Up

As mentioned in the beginning, to stay alive in this battle for a position on the first page, you will have to use every last resource available. Unlike the ancient battles, thankfully, now we don’t have to work harder but smarter. So, use a SERP API, maximize your SEO potential, and stay on top.

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