Team-Building Activities for Modern Australian Companies

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Dennis Trellis, Negosentro |  You probably know that every large company out there invests in team-building. The benefits of team-building events are well-documented and it seems only more and more new companies are going to organize team-building events for their employees. Just like other companies all over the world, Australian companies are trying to keep up the pace with new team-building trends and make their employees more productive. Luckily, Australia is just a perfect place for those who want to engage in fun and memorable activities that can boost team spirit. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best team-building ideas for modern companies in Australia.

War games

Paintball has been one of the most popular team-building exercises for years. While you still can’t go wrong if you take your team to some of the popular paintball sites in Australia, there are plenty of other war games you can consider. Most of these include dividing your team members into two groups and give them tasks that require a lot of strategizing in order to be completed. Usually, they’ll have to collaborate in order to save hostages or escape from the bad guys. The adrenaline rush games like this provide means everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.


If you want your employees to work together but lose the racing part, orienteering is a perfect team-building exercise for your company. You can take your team to some of the beautiful Australian woods and have them find all meeting points without using a GPS. Instead of using GPS, they can rely on things such as compasses, walkie-talkies and maps. In case Australian forests sound too intimidating, you can always take your employees to some of the large parks which Australia has in abundance. In fact, most of these parks are absolutely perfect for orienteering team-building exercises.

Escape room

Escape rooms are one of the newest takes on team-building. These games usually include having your employees trapped in a room and having to find clues that will help them find their way out. What’s so great about these is that they require a lot of collaboration in order to be completed. Often, your employees will get their roles and costumes which makes the entire exercise even more fun. Also, there are plenty of different themes you can try out such as breaking out of maximum security jail, escaping from a submarine and even finding your way out of a time travel lab.

Amazing race

Another idea that’s guaranteed to do the trick is an amazing race. Again, you have to divide your employees into two (or more) groups and have them race and overcome obstacles along the way. The collaboration required for games like this is going to help them improve their teamwork skills and improve their relationship. On top of that, everyone who participates in the race is going to have fun. You can also opt for coach hire in Sydney and take your employees to a unique location, like some of Sydney’s secluded beaches, where racing is going to be even more fun.

Team movie-making

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t include technology in your team-building exercises. This means you can divide your employees into teams and provide each team with a camera and a theme for their movie. Your safest bet is to assign each team a blockbuster to recreate in about 5 to 10 minutes. The fact that every team member will have to act and work behind the camera is what makes this exercise so effective. And there’s no need to say that there are so many beautiful spots in Australia your teams can film their scenes at.

Team building is an important aspect of every modern company out there. Give all of these 5 ideas a go, and you’ll be guaranteed to see your employees’ team spirit and desire to work together increase.