Taking Care of Your Gold Nose Pin: A Guide

Taking Care of Your Gold Nose Pin: A Guide gold Jewelry

Negosentro | Taking Care of Your Gold Nose Pin: A Guide | Jewellery is precious, it is understood that all ornaments need the care to maintain that shine throughout. There is no point in investing in precious jewellery if it is not being taken care of and starts to lose its best quality and radiance. Hence, caring for your jewellery is as important as buying it. Here, the limelight is taken by gold nose pins.

You can find a wide options of gold nose pins at various jewellery stores. However gold nose pins especially need care as you wash your face every day and nose pins cannot be removed diligently every day before you shower. Here, we will learn how to maintain your jewellery investments so they can be cherished forever.

This article talks about the right care to be given to your gold nose pins, guiding you through different cleaning processes that can be done both professionally and personally.

Use Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Microfiber polishing cloth is like the cloth with which you clean your glasses. You can quickly clean your gold nose pin with this cloth to restore its bling. There are professional ways to get your gold nose pin cleaned but this is something you can do at home easily.

Appropriate Storage

Jewellery boxes are not a luxury, it is a necessity when you own jewellery. If you have a pair of glasses, you will have a case to carry it, the same thing goes for jewellery. The most common mistake people make is that they leave their gold nose pins and jewellery on the dresser. If you are one of them, you are asking for trouble. Storing your alternative gold nose pins in a proper box, like what they came in, is essential.

Beware of Chemicals

Chemicals like body lotion, perfume, or anything else harm your gold nose pin and all other jewellery items. They can oxidize and discolor your precious gold nose pin. To avoid that, it is advised to always put the lotion or perfume on first and then wear your gold nose pin. Also, remember to remove your gold nose pin before jumping in for a swim, chlorine is deemed harmful as well.

Heat and Light

If your gold nose pin and other pieces are exposed to sunlight and heat for too long, it can leave a negative impact on their quality. If your gold nose pin also has a gemstone, then special consideration shall be given to this factor as harsh heat and sunlight can fracture the gemstone or leave cracks.

Professional Polishing

If you own hefty gold nose pins and other pieces, it is advisable to get them professionally polished every 6-12 months. Care at home is essential but what professional polishing does is something you cannot do at home. You can contact any nearby jeweler to get your gold nose pins polished.

A Quick Rinse

Lastly, using antibacterial minimal soap for cleaning and rinsing in warm water is also helpful.

The Bottom Line

In contemplation of the above-stated techniques, it is up to you whether you choose to take your gold nose pin and other pieces to a professional or keep taking mild and proper care of it at home. The investment aspect of jewellery cannot be stressed enough; passing it down generations can only be done when the gold nose pin and other jewellery items last. Mia by Tanishq highlights an exquisite collection of gold nose pins with diverse designs, extravagant and elegant, all in one!

Find the nearest Mia by Tanishq store to get impressive nose designs in gold nose pins and provide your jewellery with the right care it takes to keep them all shining!




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