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It’s advantageous to have an effective leader, but it is empowering if everyone knows how to be a leader of themselves. Successful women leaders do know this. They don’t wait for their versions of Prince Charming. They, themselves, actualize what they envision and take the lead for everything, everyone that matters to them. Do you want to know how they carve their own paths? Read on.


Feelings Women Leaders Women Leaders Defy Conformity, Limitations

Most women are being judged weak simply because they show their feelings. Normally this is deemed a disadvantage because showing emotions are thought of as softness or vulnerability. This is not the case for women who are aware of and handle their feelings very well. In fact, they reap success because they let their feelings lead them to understand what others need. It is vital particularly in management because—whether it is business or personal, products or services, employees or clients—people are driven by their emotions, and not by their logic alone. Isn’t customers’ desires make sales, employees’ enthusiasm run companies, and happiness drive success?

Today’s women leaders also defy conformity to the standards of the others. They are not geared to comply with what is only required, they also go an extra mile to thrive. This is why more and more women are visible in different fields, even in the arenas that deemed dominated by men like Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors (GM) and Former United Kingdom Prime Minister and renowned “The Iron lady” Margaret Hilda Thatcher.


Balance at work Women Leaders They Find, Play Balance at Work

In the ordinary setup, a married woman should be a homemaker, which makes her focus on her husband and kids’ wellbeing. However, she also impels to work to support their needs.  Thus, it is understandable if a woman finds an imbalance in juggling her career and personal life. So how come women leaders cope with balancing?

Like any working moms or female breadwinners, they also somehow struggle to find the balance between flourishing their careers and nurturing their families. Perhaps, they may even be having a hard time to find their “me time.” But they do find balance by strategizing or giving weight to what is valuable for them. Arlene Huffington, the founder and former editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post and now best seller book author, make time to meditate and have a complete sleeping hour.  Sheryl Sandberg, the billionaire chief operating officer of Facebook, goes out from her office before 6 pm so she can be with her family.

Huffington and Sandberg are only a few who can prove that being a leader and a woman is not a problem.  In fact, they show how amazing it is to be a well-rounded person. It is doable when people find life outside their work, which in turn makes them dynamic, productive, and positive at work.


Flexible at Work Women Leaders They are Successful Because of They Are Flexible

Many of female entrepreneurs are innately flexible. You see them handling multiple tasks with grace or manage different businesses with pride. But these are just simple things they can do out of flexibility. Their flexibility is what makes them resourceful, creative, collaborative, and innovative women leaders.

They can find solutions to problems in the best way that they can.  They don’t stick to plan A or plan B when they can create plan C to Z.  But in order to do these, they have no qualm of seeking advice or collaborating with the other experts. It is no surprise, they can come up with innovative ideas.

Women leaders’ flexible approach also makes them effective mediators to end gaps and disagreements. They also can adapter and enabler of changes for the greater good of their companies.

These three are just a few of the many strong traits of modern women leaders that make them good lessons for wannabe next movers and shakers.

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