Step By Step Know The Right Process Of House Painting

House Painting

Negosentro | Step By Step Know The Right Process Of House Painting | Let’s make your home more beautiful by putting in some beautiful colors. But you must follow the below procedure correctly to have that beautiful effect of colors on the painting of your house.

House Painting is completed by following certain orders and materials in the procedure. Make sure to choose the right weather for painting your house. Dry weather would be more convenient than the rainy season. Dry weather helps to settle down the paint.

The procedure of house painting:

  • Pressure wash: Base preparation is very important for starting the procedure. Pressure wash removes the dust, gum, mud, mold, and dirt from the concrete surface on the primary level. 
  • Renovate the damaged surfaces: This is one of the main factors in the House Painting process. Look out the damaged surfaces like metal, wood, siding, masonry and note down them. Fill up the crack or holes with epoxy glue. Healing the areas helps to get the smoothing effect of the painting. Let it dry for some time and then, block using sands to it.
  • Loose down the paint: If you are repainting your house, then, you must remove the old paint from the walls. Use a paint scraper to speed up the procedure. You need to have a clean surface for that glossy effect after House Painting
  • Trim: Use caulk in the joint areas of molding, or trim that you are going to paint. House Painting should be done professionally with a universal finish and silicon base caulk helps to achieve it.
  • Prime stains: Primers are used to make a coating on the walls before painting or staining. It increases the durability of your House Painting procedure. It is to be noted that if you are desirable to show the actual metal like wood grain, in that case, primer is not that necessary. There is two wood primer such as acrylic latex and oil primer are considered to be the best for the distressed condition. The primers protect that particular surface going to be exposed to extreme weather.
  • Cover windows and lights: Don’t forget to cover up the lightings, windows, and door with plastic caps before painting the house. Solid color is not faded very easily. Be concerned about the fact.
  • Exterior paint: An exterior paint is the full composition of acrylic latex. The components like pigments, solvents, and binders are used to make it more durable than before. We mostly in need of pigments color and binders help to hold that pigmentation. And solvents make the paints to be spreadable. Contact your local distributor and check the labels well. If the labels are shown as a super-premium and premium one, then, the paintings contain higher volumes and solid colors than other branded ones.
  • Color selection: We have to keep certain things while selecting the colors. Take your time. Make a thoughtful discussion with your family and know the point of view of each person. Choose the colors according to the surface material of your house. Don’t go for faded colors. House painting has have an  eye-soothing result. You can examine the color of your neighbors to get some idea about colors. Waterproof colors are best for exterior paintings. It is not easily faded away and maintains the outward appearance of your house.

However, use rollers or sprays for painting shutters, doors, fascia, and ceiling areas of your house. Remember, a professional finish could be time-taking, but beneficial too. Apply double coats of colors to have the glossy finish to your house. If your budget allows, you can try muted colors to get better coverage than the usual one.