How to Stay Safe on the Road


Jermaine Jose, Negosentro |  Driving is one of the most liberating experiences a person can enjoy, with the freedom to go anywhere you like, whenever you like. Unfortunately, lots of accidents happen on the road every day to both drivers and pedestrians. As a driver, you have more responsibility placed on you to look after the people inside your care, as well as strangers on the road. This pressure can sometimes put people off driving, even when it is one of their favorite activities. Luckily, there is a wealth of tips you can follow which will help you keep alert and stay safe when you are driving from A to B.

Follow speed restrictions

It may seem like an obvious point, but there are a number of drivers who have misread speed signs before, only to get caught with a speeding ticket. Speeding, whether intentional or not, is one of the leading causes of death on the road. This includes pedestrian and vehicular deaths, meaning it is detrimental to people in every way. The best way to ensure you don’t speed is to make sure you have the right prescription for your glasses, which will mean you are reading the signs correctly. Not only this but if you are in a rush to get to a big event, it’s worth bearing in mind the famous phrase, that being late is better than never getting there.

Keep your eyes peeled

Speed signs are only one thing you need to worry about. When you are driving, there is a range of other issues to be on the lookout for. Pedestrians crossing when they shouldn’t be, cyclists coming up alongside you, and problems occurring in the rear-view mirror are all examples of what you should be aware of every time you go for a drive. Though it can be difficult to stay focused at all times, the more you drive, the more you will get used to being aware of your surroundings. If ever there was a time to drive more and get your practice in, it’s now.

Retake your test

If you have been driving for a long time, there is a good chance that the way driving tests are conducted now consider a variety of new requirements. Road expansions, busier streets, and a change in the demographics of who is driving means that it may be time for you to renew your license. Not only will this protect you from getting caught out by a police officer when you are completely unaware of your expired license, but it will mean that you’re adhering to the latest safety laws. It will keep both you and the people around you safer than ever.  

Enlist the help of a good injury lawyer

Unfortunately, there will be times when accidents occur, no matter how perfect your driving may be. When this is the fault of another driver, then you need to pull out all the stops to ensure that you are compensated for the damage. Not only this but that the person who caused the accident is kept off the roads for a short while, to avoid hurting other people until they have learned from their mistakes. Lots of injury lawyers can be expensive and not effective, so make sure enlist the help of one who has your best interests at heart, rather than money. There are several that you can choose from, but you can find out more info about the best companies by having a thorough search online and taking note of recommendations.

Avoid distractions

Distractions can seem like the smallest issue when you are driving, but when an accident occurs, or a near-miss, then it can sometimes shed light on how careful you must be. There are three types of distraction that drivers can encounter, which range from manual ones, like being on your phone, to mental ones, where you are caught up in stresses from your day. Often, it’s screaming children in the back of your car which may pose the biggest distraction. If you can, try and keep distractions to a minimum. Put your phone away or link it up to your car’s Bluetooth system so that you can still take calls on the road. If you are feeling high levels of stress, try putting some calming music on to help ease your breathing, or pull over to gather your emotions until you are ready to drive again.

Don’t drive when you’re tired

This is a very common issue that most drivers will have experienced at some point in their life. However, studies show that driving when tired can be more dangerous than drink driving, with fatigue being the main factor in around one in five road accidents. Driving when tired can result in impaired awareness, increased irritability, and reckless driving. In some cases, people have even fallen asleep at the wheel. If you are in the middle of a long driving stint and you are by yourself, make sure you check into a motel to gather enough energy to complete your journey. If you have another driver in your car who is insured on your vehicle, then swap over for certain periods so that you can get enough rest. If you wake up and you know you won’t be able to drive well that day, make use of public transport to get to where you need to be.

Don’t drink and drive

When you are tired, driving can be a danger, but one of the most known causes of reckless driving is when people take to the road when they have too much alcohol in their system. If you have had even one drink, and you are unsure as to whether you will be able to drive properly, don’t drive. You may be under the Breathalyzer limit, but your vision may still be impaired, as well as your bodily motor functions. If your designated driver for the evening is too drunk, you must ensure they don’t step in the car, for the time being, to protect you, the public, and them.

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