How Startup Leaders Can Optimize Employee Morale

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Robert Condray, Negosentro | Entrepreneurs who are excited about the idea of making their startups as successful as possible should know that their employees will play an integral role in determining whether this happens or not. One key way to ensure that your employees become one of your startup’s biggest assets throughout all stages of growth is by boosting their morale. Luckily, there are hundreds of strategies that entrepreneurs can utilize to boost employee morale. Here are three of them:

1. Develop A Strong Company Culture.

Savvy entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly cognizant of the role that company culture plays in impacting the way employees think and act. As many business experts know, the majority of startups will experience a period marked by what is referred to as a cultural chasm. Although defined broadly, the cultural chasm is basically the company’s absence of a tangible, positive culture that subtly or overtly influences employee growth while also promoting great business outcomes like more sales and an enhanced relationship with the public. Business owners oftentimes find that dealing with various aspects of the company growth process prevents them from spending time cultivating a clear, positive culture. This reality is dangerous given research studies indicating that companies which have a negative or weak culture are susceptible to voluntary attrition, or staff members who choose to leave.

One important thing to consider with company culture is that it oftentimes provides the staff members with a way to develop an understanding of what their leaders are all about. As noted in How Morale Changes as a Startup Grows, one important element of company culture is the role it plays in impacting the staff member’s perception of how transparent management is. Since this is the case, it is immensely important for business leaders to cultivate company cultures in which employees feel that members of management are being really open and honest with them about everything from what’s going on with the organization to who they really are as people. Some business leaders have worked to create this culture of transparency through meetings which include AMA (Ask Me Anything) questions.

2. Optimize The Staff’s Environment.

One great way to really boost employee morale for your startup is by optimizing your staff’s environment. This includes everything from the site aesthetic to general safety. An optimized environment can have multiple positive effects on the staff, some of which include mood stability and enhanced productivity. So if you want to optimize employee morale, be sure to focus on things like cultivating an office setting that is physically appealing in a manner that promotes feelings of positivity and happiness. Keep in mind that certain colors are known to induce feelings of depression and sadness. For example, an Entrepreneur article revealed that beige, bland gray, and white offices precipitate these unwanted mental states in women.

In addition to optimizing the aesthetic of the office environment, make sure that you focus on making the work setting safe for your employees. Doing so will help them feel confident and secure when they come into the office to complete their assignments. Note that office safety now includes securing technological equipment now that things like hacking are real and prevalent. If you find that your company is in need of an intrusion prevention system for threat prevention/network security processes, note that you can do internet research to locate the technology you need to help employees feel safe and secure while using computers.

3. Make Recognition A Must.

Research studies have indicated that recognition improves company culture and employee engagement. It’s also important to note that employee recognition optimizes morale. As noted in The Balance, employees who perceive themselves to be effective contributors to their companies can experience positive outcomes such as the reinforcement of their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image. This is why having an employee recognition system in place at all times could be effective and advantageous for startup leaders who want to optimize employee morale.


Running a startup can be one of the most personally and professionally rewarding things that an entrepreneur does. To ensure that your startup becomes as successful as possible, it’s immensely important to focus on optimizing employee morale. Review the information and advice found in this article to ensure that you can maintain a staff of highly motivated individuals who are genuinely enthused about building your company with you!

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