Starting Your First Company

First Company

You have a great business idea and you are ready to start your own company. There is quite a bit of work ahead of you before you find a location and start serving customers. The more prepared you are, the better chance you will be successful. Here are steps to get you started.

Get To Know Yourself

The first thing you need to do is study your idea and work on it until it is fine tuned. The more specialized your idea is, the less competition you will have. Once you have your concept ready, contemplate the way you want to get started. Determine if you will work from your home or will you need to pay rent to invest in a storefront. Research into shipping costs if you will be send product to your end users. Find out the costs of manufacturing what you plan to sell then calculate the costs to see if you will be profitable.

Work the Numbers

Once you have a business plan together, figure out your finances to see if you are financially ready to begin or if you will need to find more money. Getting a loan might make paying the first few month’s payments difficult if you have yet to attract steady customers and bring in a profit. You can talk to investors for help or apply for grants to help defray the costs. If the money is hard to come by, you may have to hold on starting your company until you are a little more stable.

Send In the Paperwork

Now that you know the funds are in place, you need to decide what type of company you want to be. You will want to weigh between llc vs s corp and figure out which works best for your business structure. If you must have a special license to operate, apply for it well ahead of your opening date so that you have it in plenty of time. Obtain your federal and state sales tax identification number and any other tax numbers you will need to operate. You will want to open a bank account in your business’s name and set up whatever auto deposits might be associated with it.

Know Your Customers

Evaluate your business to figure out who your target market will be. Tell people you know about your plans and see if they would use your services. Gauge the age range and income level of those you talk to. Compile this information then use it to find the location of your company and the price you should charge. This data will also tell you what the best way to advertise to your customers will be when the time to open comes.

Protect Your Investment

Contact your insurance agent and talk to them about which policies you must have to get started. If you are going to be making deliveries or making sales calls, you will need commercial auto insurance. You will want to insure the building and equipment in the event of a disaster striking your business. You will want to offer health insurance to your employees and determine if you will be able to pay a portion.

Find a Home

Hire a real estate agent take you around to find the best location for your company. You will want to use your market research to find a place that will serve your customers the best. Ensure that you have enough parking for the amount of clientele you expect to visit. Renovate the building so that those who have accessibility issues can get in and out with ease. Look for a location that has plenty of workspace for you and your staff or has the ability to add on. You also will want to find a place that is in your budget If you do this you will you stay within the operating costs you have estimated and pull a profit faster.


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