Spruce it Up: Renovations to Boost Your Business

Renovations to Boost Your Business

Negosentro.com | Spruce it Up: Renovations to Boost Your Business | If you’re noticing a slump in foot traffic, maybe changing the space is just what you need to reinvigorate consumer interest. Whether you’re a clothing store or a restaurant, keeping your physical space fresh and interesting is one way to maintain the public’s attention. If you have no idea how to renovate your business, this article lists a few ideas to get you started.

1. Assess and repair present damage

Maybe you haven’t noticed all the damage and unsightliness piling up in your store since you were too busy running your business. Assess your space and note what needs to be fixed. If your windows are cracked or scratched, request professional services to carry out a crittall replacement. If a few lights are flickering or have gone out, replace them with fresh ones. If the paint is peeling or the walls are cracking, fill in the gaps and slap on a fresh layer of paint. Such damage is unpleasant for customers and won’t entice them to stay in your store for long. Do at least a monthly inspection of your store, so you catch problems as soon as possible and repair them before they severely affect your business’ reputation.

2. Upgrade your interior design

While there’s a charm to vintage furniture, if your target audience is among the younger generation, then you’ll need to cater to their aesthetic. Take the initiative and research current design trends. Take advantage of social media. Right now, many people like to visit places solely to take photos for their Instagram, and having customers take photos in your store or restaurant is a great way to boost brand awareness for free. Do your best to incorporate trendy and Instagrammable design elements into your interior while still staying true to your brand values.

3. Focus on energy efficiency

Before renovating, you may be unknowingly using appliances and fixtures that consume a lot of electricity. Take this opportunity to switch to more energy-efficient brands and models. The upfront costs may be higher, but in the long run, you’ll save more money on electricity bills. Your more conscientious clients may also appreciate your environmentally friendly choices.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but stay true to your brand

Don’t go so overboard with following trends that you forget your brand identity. Change things up to keep it interesting and attract new customers, but don’t change it to the point that you’re now unrecognizable even to your previous customers. Experiment with layouts and new furniture, and with every change, monitor your customers’ opinions by tracking mentions on social media.

Remember that doing renovations to your business won’t be enough, you also need to let people know that you’re making big changes. This generates interest, and customers new and old will want to know what you have in store. Plan a big event once renovations are complete so that people will flock to your store. It can either be a sale or a promo exclusive to the first hundred customers.

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